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ChatBot helps you to enhance Click Through Rate, maximising Customer Conversion and lowering Customer Acquisition Costs

Features of Chat Bot

Higher customer satisfaction

Chatbots make your customers feel that you care for them by having proactive conversations and this improves your brand loyalty in the long run.

Integration with different systems & Applications

With companies deploying omnichannel model,AI chatbots create an effortless way for customers to communicate with your business via existing messaging platforms

Ample scope and wide to explore

Chatbots functions engaging customers 24×7 with immediate answers to all the common queries.

Better lead nurturing platform

Chatbots are integral to the shift from human to automated customer services for every business.By automating sales and customer service tasks, Lead generation business is going to boom.

Low investment and great results

Reports say every year there are 265 billion customer requests. Businesses spent nearly $1.3 trillion to service these requests. Chatbots can help you save up to 30%.

Customised as per products and services

ChatBots take the user engagement to the next level by improving customer satisfaction. Real-time , personalised and varied conversation exploration options are doing wonders in same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chatbot also known as conversational bots , is a software application that follows set of written instructions in order to interact with real person.
Chatbots are widely used by companies for B2C customer service, sales and marketing to automate tasks that do not require skill-based talents.
Chatbots are popular in providing support services, skilled services and assistance in various functionalities. The combinations and possibilities for chatbots applications are limitless.
Define clear goals, create a smooth conversational algorithm and prioritise it.Break down the communication flow to address problems and solutions for the users.
The chatbot can be easily implemented without prior technical knowledge using Clicknurture platform. We deploy easy drag-n-drop features to set perfect set of instructions for a chatbot.
Chatbots have proved to support IT, HR and sales teams to focus more on productive activities and reduce time and effort involved in repetitive tasks.