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Features of Messenger bot

Easy bot setup

Build your own bots in a minute focused on your bussiness with easy interfce

Automate Repetitive Tasks

it is difficult to engage every user effectively everyday. No more. Automate repeting task manage every user better

Drive Sales

One of the most powerful bot apps, Messenger Bot, has quickly become a leader in this new industry

Save time and money

Save time and money on customer care which holds customer on waiting. but a little automation will go a long way

Dynamic Update

Add, Modify or Update information/content to the bot flow anytime, with seamless updates at the contact end.

Mobile Optimization

Many users and consumers using their phones for everything, Messenger Bot recognizes the potential for sales and customer retention by using Messenger bot for engage

Easy Setup Get started in 30 seconds

ClickNurture Gives powerfull tool for analytics

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Easy Signup process with four different pricing packages. Begin with one which suitable for you

Set pages on tracking

Set pages you want on tracking for analytics reports.

View Reports

Analyse the changes on all in one panel and witness the difference.

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