Deliver Personalized Experience At Every Step Of Website

Enhance user experience by tracking the important milestones of customer journey

Features of Customer Journey Builder

Make every click count

Trigger customers on journeys based on real-time events like purchases, lead form generation, and/or incomplete cart/actions.

Understand your customers

Capitalises all customer information based on attributes, browsing behaviors, and purchase history to build personalized messaging.

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Witness your strategy

Get a visual insight on the imposed strategies through different tools and embrace customer journey.

Scale your sales numbers

Deliver simple and straightforward personalized journeys to enhance user engagement and call to action.

Proactive about changes

Set and maintain intelligent and smart journey logic for customer engagement, decisions and random journey splits

Easy to integrate

It gets linked with other tools and amplifies the ability to track, analyse and convert every visitor on the website.

Easy Setup Get started in 30 seconds

ClickNurture Gives powerfull tool for analytics

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Easy Signup process with four different pricing packages. Begin with one which suitable for you

Set pages on tracking

Set pages you want on tracking for analytics reports.

View Reports

Analyse the changes on all in one panel and witness the difference.

Experience a smarter way to close deals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Journey Builder helps to customise interactions with users during their journey on the website based on their needs, purchase history, desires and preferences, demographics and real-time input from their behaviour.
Broadly, there are 5 stages while studying the customer journey. The five phases are Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, and Advocacy. Every stage signifies specific behaviour characteristics and can be turned into a potential opportunity if carefully studied.
Identify gaps in user interactions, lost point of contact, redundant information and high or low friction channels. Then, evaluate the time-cost relation with respect to different stages. The analysis will provide the desired correlation and correction parameters for future strategies.
It is one of the best to understand users needs and preferences in a better way, fills the loopholes in running unsuccessful campaigns if any and builds trust among users by enhancing customer experience.
Clicknurture provides with a dynamic tool to make your own customer journey map and maximise the user's engagement by analysing the interaction gaps on the website.
With easy drag-n-drop features and user interactive interface, Clicknurture makes it all easy to build, manage and analyse your Customer Journey Map.