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Build meaningful conversations

The automated flow of conversations makes the usage of Emails more powerful than ever. The streams of responses triggered and managed by Email automation tool helps to create a benchmark in user experience.

Easy to integrate

Our tool comes with easy drag-and-drop features and self explanatory attributes. This enhances its wider acceptability and synchronises the team's effort towards achieving common goals.

Connect with customers

Emails have been the most popular way of connecting to the target audience. The popularity of the tool along with Clicknurture Automation recreates the relationship in a dynamic manner.

Access Anywhere Anytime

Flexible accessibility of EMail Management assistant makes it popular among Sales and Marketing teams. Integrate it along with other Clicknurture users engagement campaigns to get outstanding results.

Intelligent replies

Email Flowmap builder enhances the Sales Team ability to connect with users in a smarter way. The proactive approach to answer users’ queries saves time and increases productivity.

Customise templates

Choose from a wide range of customised templates to suit the different requirements. Interactive templates create personalisation and attach users with the Email.

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ClickNurture Gives powerfull tool for analytics

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