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Features of Social Proof

Client’s stamp of approval

88% of consumers trust online reviews as they consider them equivalent to as personal recommendations.

Grow your brand reach and spread awareness

Validated Content earns more than 8 times the engagement rate of content shared directly from brands.

Build trust & credibility

Visitors count follow group followers as they consider it safe boarding and enhances build trust and credibility.

Diminishing barriers to online buying behaviour

Group Following strategy is a main driving force to incline visitors towards online buying regime.

Easy and simple conversion tool

Social proof is an easy way to increase conversions by showing customers how popular a product or service is.

Low cost and high result benefit

One of the tested and verified digital marketing tools to optimise your ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Proof is a social influential phenomenon where potential visitors are targeted with the presumption that behavioural actions of others are trusted and followed.
Social Proof adapts the consumer behaviour of new visitors according to the others. The visual display of ongoing activities to the new users in the form of small snippet helps to build trust and confidence on the products or services.
Broadly, Online customer reviews, ratings, referrals, testimonials, celebrity endorsements ,social media shares, business credentials are some of different categories of Social Proofs are used.
The careful study of product or service to be marketed and the target customers will decide the best working Social Proof for the business.For example: more than 50% customers undergo online purchases after reviewing others' feedback.
Social Proof has been widely accepted by many companies as it allows to take advantage of external validation and customers approval to build trust and confidence among new clients.
Clicknurture assists you to create and manage your own Social Proofs with easy and interactive interface.