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Understand your target audience better by creating segments based on behavioral aspects, needs,location and interests.

Features of Visitor Segmentation

Better delivery of customer services

Live location tracking plays a vital role in improving customer service with better response time and increased productivity.

Understand your customers

Capitalises all customer information based on attributes, browsing behaviors, and purchase history to build personalized messaging.

Witness your strategy

Get a visual insight on the imposed strategies through different tools and embrace customer journey.

Scale your sales numbers

A well-developed analytical platform with live visitor tracking can help you explore the opportunities while offering you a competitive edge over competitors.

Proactive about changes

Set and maintain intelligent and smart journey logic for customer engagement, decisions and random journey splits

Easy to integrate

It gets linked with other tools and amplifies the ability to track, analyse and convert every visitor on the website.

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Set pages you want on tracking for analytics reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing potential customers into groups, or segments, based on different characteristics like needs, preferences, locations, purchase history, lifestyle, profession, demography and so on.
Segmentation allows you to learn about the customers and gain a better understanding of customer's needs and wants and therefore customise campaigns to most likely produce the results.
Geographic Segmentation,Demographic Segmentation, Psychographic Segmentation,Behaviouristic Segmentation, Volume Segmentation,Product-space Segmentation,Benefit Segmentation are different broad categories to define segment characteristics.
Clicknurture is an all-in-one platform which guides you to successfully engage the visitors , lead them to conversions and analyses the results for future marketing strategies.By combining customer segmentation attribute with other features, the improvements in conversions rate can shoot up by 5 times.
With easy drag-n-drop features and user interactive interface, Clicknurture makes it all easy to build, manage and analyse your Customer Segmentation platform.
Define clear objectives for each customer segments, formulate marketing strategy and carefully study and evaluate the impact of each campaign on different segments.