10 Questions small business owners should ask before automating the Business process

If you are reading this, probably you are thinking about increasing your business growth or you might be looking for exploring the validity of automated processes.

In the light of this, most of the business owners find the process overwhelming as to-

“We have this clunky process to do something which uses an old application. It drives the working people insane. We’re growing and really need to automate the whole thing. But we don’t know how?”

Automation is the KEYWORD when it comes to growing business online. You might also have the same confusion as to “I want to but I don’t know how to implement it?”

There can be a variety of reasons why you are considering automation as the next best investment for your business, here are the primary ones:

  • You are attempting to be more efficient with time-management
  • Your business may not be nurturing product and revenue goals
  • Looking forward to innovation and digital transformation
  • Seeking a solution to repetitive and labor-intensive tasks

Whatever are the reasons for implementing automation, there are few questions that you should always ask ahead of time to avoid something that can’t be undone.

Before automating the process and grabbing the perfect tool to automate, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I find myself doing repetitively?
  • What do I have a hard time keeping track of? 
  • What would allow me to grow my business bigger than what I’m capable of as an individual (or small team)?
  • What would improve my client’s experience working with me? 
  • Are there things I want off of my plate so I can focus on the work only I can do?

Automation can be the solution, but not the silver-bullet for inefficiency.  So, how will you know what the end would look like? Therefore, here are 10 questions you should be asking yourself before automating the business process.

10 Questions small business owners should ask before automating the Business process

1. What is it you want to accomplish with Automation?

If you have taken the initiative to go for automation. Having a goal and objective in your mind is critical to ensure that you are taking the right initiative.

  • Are you seeking accuracy in business management processes?
  • Are you seeking quick results with the help of automation?
  • Do you want to nurture customer experience and garner more sales?

Having a clearly defined goal will help you leverage the power of automation in the right direction and in the right way.

2. How will the brand’s capabilities change after adopting Automation?

“What was your fiscal average in the past 5 years?”

“How much output will be generated if a certain backend-process will be automated?”

Analyzing similar questions like these will help you gain insight into how automation will transform your business and help you in leveling up the Sales gear.

If you will be applying automation across multiple departments, the cost needs to be considered. This brings us to the third most important thing to consider.

3. How Much Are you willing to spend?

While implementing automated processes, you need to consider the pre-automation and post-automation scenarios.

  • How were you managing the process you want to automate until now?
  • How much the investment differs from the current process to the automation?

One thing you need to consider is that “Automation is not a one-time investment”.

It is a constantly shifting process that involves updates and improvements for increased efficiency.
Therefore, you need to consider the costs and the benefit automating a particular service will provide.

Make sure that automation provides High ROI for your business.

4. What processes should you automate?

While going for automation, you need to analyze which processes should you automate?

Believe it or not, you must have witnessed for yourself humans tend to lose interest in something he finds monotonous. It affects the overall productivity of the firm.

Therefore, you can focus on automating mundane tasks like data entry, updating posts, sending emails, sending reminders, etc.

If your shop has high volume, automation will help in nurturing more sales and revenue or the process is important to your business and you use it frequently, then automating it will increase efficiency and production.

You can automate-

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Inventory
  • Customer service and support

5. What will be the effect of automation on Customer Value?

Seeking alternative ways to enhance the business productivity and reputation online is an ideal step but staking customer value in the view of leveraging the power of automation is akin to hitting your foot in Axe. 

Double ensure that automating the business process only accentuates the customer’s experience, not degrades it.

If any problem occurs and it is difficult to identify, then there is no use of automation. You need to make an informed decision regarding the value currently you provide to your customers. Does automation aid it or make it worse? 

6. Are there any critical issues that could arise from automating the tasks?

Any automation services update themselves and, in some situations, the company updates the software to meet the client’s-oriented changes. 

Automating the business process is one thing and monitoring the processes for efficiency is another. Some automation software platforms encounter functional glitches owing to complex integration and installation set-up. 

The software works well and nurtures qualified leads when complemented with an easy, well -responsive, and well-integrated set-up. Click Nurture’s automation software platform ensures excellence at every step and helps the businesses in connecting with the customer at every potential step in the customer’s journey.

7. Is there any Human interaction required? If so, then How much?

Identifying the touch-points that your customer will find it more comfortable to listen from you, improves the customer experience and improves a business’s capability to nurture qualified leads and sales online.

For example: Your customers and the potential targeted audience are searching for the products and services like yours at any time of the day. How will you attend to their queries and curiosities? You can install live chat support or a chatbot on your website. Sometimes, the customer desires to connect with a real person. So, you can optimize your automation process by including an option of chat with the human or a bot in the live chat system.

Focus upon providing a clear and smooth user experience by providing the website visitors the flexibility to connect with the brand in the format they are comfortable with the most.

8. Do I need to automate everything?
Getting excited about automation and burdening-off all the technical capabilities is one thing but do you really need to automate everything?

Yes! Of course, you can automate everything!

If you wish to integrate everything systematically and nurture leads following a well-defined procedure, then Yes, you can automate everything from greeting the first-time website-visitors to re-engaging potential customers.

If you wish to bag more clients than your competitors and provide influential value consistently to the customers, then automation can help you unlock it.

9. How does the automation process work?

Assessing the value and benefit of the automation process is critical to ensure for reaping the best ROI for your investment. You need to know:

  • How does the whole automation process work?
  • When you can see the results?
  • How long will it take to complete the onboarding process?
  • What kind of support you can expect?

With a SaaS software provider, you will have a dedicated team of experts who will help you implement, and assist if you encounter any issues down the road.

10. How to Choose the Right SaaS Software Provider?

Your whole business depends on the choice you make.

Choosing the right software provider is critical to ensuring a stringent lead and sales nurturing base for your business online.

Click Nurture helps you in positioning your brand stoically and locally by providing you the opportunity to engage with your potential customers via email, notifications, and landing pages.

It offers you the opportunity to integrate with a wide range of CRMs, CMS, social media plugins which helps in bridging the gap between brands and customers.

Practice high-end marketing with dynamic analytics and measurable reports

Do you have any further marketing automation questions that I’ve missed out on here probably?

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