Eliminate Roadblocks in B2B Funnels: How to Deliver Highly Personalized Experiences?

B2B sales funnels can be a tough nut to crack. There are many hurdles to overcome before you can succeed, and the more personalized your customer experience is, the better. In this blog post, we will discuss how to eliminate roadblocks in B2B digital funnels so that you can deliver highly personalized experiences that will convert customers into loyal advocates for your company!

Why personalize experiences in B-to-B sales?

The first thing we need to do is identify the needs of your customers. One way you can find out what they want is by surveying them or asking for feedback on social media. It’s important that we start with a blank slate and think about our customer’s experiences, not experiences?

Regardless of the industry, your customers have a wide variety of options. For example, let's say that you own a restaurant and you want to attract more people to it. You could do this by offering different types of foods on your menu or by providing free Wi-Fi or hosting a beer festival.

The more options that your customers see, the harder it is to choose which one will work best for them. This leaves you with two possible outcomes: some people are satisfied and others are not!!

Nobody chooses your business because they can't decide on what would be best for them. Thus, it is imperative to adopt personalization.

How to combat Major Roadblocks to B2B Sales

This is one of the most critical marketing issues today. Companies are struggling to figure out a way through which they can make their customers feel like each and every purchase made by them is personal in nature.

But there are many ways through which you can engage your customers and make them feel more connected to the business. The way that most companies do it is by organizing new events or promotions every month, but this is not the only way. It's a great start though! The next step would be adding some personalized touches to each customer interaction.

1. Personalize Your B2B experiences

The core of personalization is contact data and the customer itself. How will you know-?

  • Who your best buyers are?
  • What message will resonate with them?
  • How you can convince them into making purchases?

You can do so by creating a customer persona. 

2. Create a customer Avatar

  • Identify the needs of your customers 
  • Use data to personalize your marketing messages and content for each segment of customers 
  • Offer personalized experiences on social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter

The next step would be adding some personalized touches in each customer interaction with your company. This can come through a number of different ways, but the most common one is by offering customized marketing messages and content to each segment of customers. There are also other things you can do like organizing events or promotions every month that will help keep them engaged and connected with your brand.

Customers might forget the product but always remember the purchase experience.

3. Adopt a Single Customer View (SCV)

Single Customer View is the data of customers that the company is familiar with.  The concept is used by the top companies to avoid data management issues. Large and unmanaged data could result in fragmented and disconnected data that further affects the marketing efforts.

In response to this SCV provides you with-

  • Brand loyalty
  • Increased revenue
  • Channel consistency
  • Launch Surveys periodically

The customer’s demand and behavior curve are continuously shifting. In the wake of this, it is necessary to keep a tab over the shifting behavior practices and re-design the marketing practices. The quickest and the most honest way to understand your customers is through launching surveys. 

You can design a survey for a particular segment of your brand and ask your customers to present their opinions. The survey can be anything related to buying preferences or product suggestions. Customers love when the brand keeps them, above promotion and marketing. Conducting a survey is a great way to gain the reliability and trust of your customers.

4. Use personalized automated assistance

Installing a Chabot on the website is one of the best ways to personalize the experiences and gain insight into what your customers want. Yes, we do love Chatbots and so your customers. You can’t be present at any time of the clock and thus, you may lose a lead.

5. Personalize the offer based on Buyer’s Journey

By creating a customer avatar, you can segment and create a personalized offer for your customers. Customers love something they could relate to. Build your checkout process to be streamlined, simple, and personal by removing unnecessary steps and pop-up ads while still providing a superior customer experience.

So, this is how you can personalize the b2b Marketing funnel and meet the decision-making needs of your B2B customers. This will in turn ensure providing truly optimized buying experiences. Contact Click Nurture to know more.