How conversations transform the marketing funnel?

 “Hey! I enjoyed interacting with the bot!”


“I don’t like bots”

Where lies the difference? In the Conversation.

Marketing is not all about automating the sales process but ensuring an unforgettable customer experience. The blog narrates how conversations are transforming these marketing funnels into something more human.

Let’s see how! Let’s see how!

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversation marketing is a process of engaging users through dialogue-driven activities. It aims at building relationships with customers on a personal level by making their buying experience as smooth as possible. It is built around a single or multiple that allows you to reach your website visitors and engage them.

Owing to the million choices a customer has, you just have seconds to catch his attention and solve the query he is looking for the answer to. In such a state, it is imperative to have artificial conversation support to cater to leads.

How conversation marketing helps in transforming the marketing funnel?
When you are not talking face-to-face, where do most conversations happen?

Yes, through virtual assistance.

Your customers are searching for an instant connection with you. No one likes waiting. If you have a chatbot installed on your website, you will never miss addressing any lead.

If you are still leveraging the old way of interacting with the customers, chances are, you need to revamp it because:

Only 43% of people answer cold calls. (According to drift)
The average email open rate has fallen to 20%
We need to leverage Personalization NOW!

How Conversation Marketing Works?

Well, yes, you do need to fix some wheels of your marketing funnel but it doesn’t necessitate starting from scratch.

It is just like revamping your marketing and lead generation channel for effective functioning.

The conversation framework boils down into 3 steps:

  • Engage
  • Understand
  • Recommend

Let’s explore each in detail:

1. Engage:

When a user lands on your website for the first time, he is unaware of who you are. He just scrolls through what all you offer. In such a case, resist the urge of launching a good-big form before him and constant push notifications.

How about granting him the lead?

Grant him the lead to start the conversation through the chatbot. When you grant visitors the ways to instantly start the conversations, it boosts engagement and conversions. How do you start a conversation with a bot usually?

  • Download now
  • Book a demo
  • Get your e-book now
  • Watch video

And the best part is, it doesn’t end there. It ends only when the user gets the answer.

Moreover, humans have powerful brains but a body to maintain too. Chatbots are your 24/7 assistant. You can build intelligent conversations to work on any time on the clock.

Furthermore, you can also initiate the conversation predicting the intent from his website behavior and provide suggestions accordingly.

2. Understand Leads

If you follow the current marketing approach, understanding and interacting with leads can take days in solving the problem. Customers are not used to waiting and thus find the practice annoying.

With conversation marketing, you can turn this frustration into happy faces by addressing their needs and taking follow-ups in real-time.

Build your bot questions as if you are interacting face-to-face with the person. This will help the bot in assisting him through the path and speed up the response time. The best part is, bots help in nurturing only interested and quality leads and filters out uninterested ones. Thus, saves your time!

3. Recommend

In this phase, the job is done with his part in the business process. Now, it is your turn to attend the quality leads! How?

Moving to closure, bots help the customer fix meeting or appointment online, so that your representations can concentrate on selling.

Well, yes, it is time to nurture high-quality meetings!

In short, Conversation marketing not only helps in improving customer experience with your brand but helps you know your customers better.

Still, thinking why conversation marketing?

Here’s why:

  • Shortens sales cycle
  • Personalized buying experience
  • High response rate
  • High conversion rate
  • High sales
  • Convert quality leads

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