How to retain customers with Push Notification?

Nearly 66% of the population spends nearly 5 hours on mobile phones and this reveals the signs of Nomophobia (Fear of not having a mobile phone beside you.)

Given this habit of individuals, you can utilize this as an opportunity to re-engage with your clients.

If you are thinking “Why re-engaging with your clients is necessary?”

Here is the answer:

  • Retaining existing clients is easier than acquiring new ones
  • Generates credibility
  • Improves visibility of your brand before customers

What is a Push notification?

A customer is likely to leave the site after exploring some of the pages on the site. Your customers like to be pampered and cared for. Push notifications are a window that automatically appears after few minutes of a person landing on the website.

 The primary motive of these push notifications is to guide the user based on the user’s activity on the website.

If a user allows receiving notifications, then you can send updates through push notifications at the time he is most active. You can send push notifications to a wide audience at a time. It ensures maximizing reach and visibility among your audience.

Let’s move on to how push notifications can help you retain customers:

1. Define the purpose for sending push notifications

Push notifications should be sent with a purpose. Decide what results do you want to achieve and how your customers/ users are going to benefit from it?

For example:

  • Are you launching push notifications for gaining more engagement on a blog post?
  • Do you wish to increase sales in your e-commerce store?
  • Do you want to acquaint the users with the offer/discounts?

Having clarity on the purpose helps in receiving targeted engagement.

2. Define your target audience

Sending generalized push notifications doesn’t guarantee excellent results. Your audience shares different behavioral and psychographic traits and hence some may not find your message useful.

According to One Signal “push notifications targeted to specific segments have 50% Higher Click-Through Rate than message sends without segmentation”.

And how do you target a specific audience? How will you design a push notification message targeted to that particular set?

You can do it by:

  • Creating a Customer Avatar
  • Understand their fears and challenges
  • Analyze their interests, goals, and purchase history

Be specific about a segment and launch push notifications accordingly. The better you‘ll know your client, the better they will connect with your messaging.

3. Personalize your push notifications

Your customers relate better when your brand is human. By personalizing the message that speaks to the user in a way that relates, you can witness maximum engagement and a great user experience.

You can personalize the push notifications by

  • Geographical location
  • Target your audience’s interest
  • Analyze the time your audience is most Active

Before sending the push notifications to your targeted audience segment, analyze their behavior as to when they are most active according to the clock. Sending the right message, in front of the right audience at the right time maximizes the chances of increasing engagement. Timing is the most crucial aspect of push notifications.

4. Create a powerful message that gets clicked!

What is the primary purpose of sending push notifications? Yes, getting clicked! It is imperative to reveal the most important information first in the push notifications, otherwise, it will get ignored.

  • Design a clear message within 40-120 characters
  • Create scarcity and urgency through an offer
  • Attach evidence and proof (For example if you are running a 50% discount on your product, mention like – 70 customers have already purchased the product!)
  • Personalize your deal according to your segment
  • Use emojis in the push notifications
  • Strong call-to-actions
  • Use attractive visuals
  • Utilize push notification in different ways

You can use Push Notifications to make a presence before your customers in different ways:

  • Reminder Notifications
  • Welcome Message
  • Discount Notifications
  • Checkout or Order confirmation Notification
  • Request Push Notifications
  • Notify user of the incomplete journey
  • Abandoned cart Push Notification
  • Asking for a review Push Notification

Note: Media-rich Push Notifications share better conversion rates.

5. Establish a safety chunk

Customer churn is something you would like to avoid for your business. You can prevent it from developing a safety net for your push notifications. It will help you re-engage customers when they are falling out of the brand.

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Your subscribers are busy, make your presence felt!

 In this way, you can retain customers and maximize your sales from push notifications. For more information contact Click Nurture.