How to analyze survey data for knowing your customers?

How well do you know your customer’s needs?

How well are you meeting those needs?

Are your customers satisfied?

You need to conduct a customer survey to know about it.

A customer analysis survey helps in identifying the true needs of customers and how you can meet those with your products and services.

Here is how you can analyze survey data to know your customers:

1. Launch comparative surveys

Launch a multiple-choice question asking your customers to choose among the number of options for example:

What type of content do you like to see the most?

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Memes

Note the responses and segment your customers accordingly. This practice especially helps when you have a new product or service to launch.  From it, you can predict whether the product or service will be a success or not.

2. Address and solve the problem

Analyze the problems your customers are facing after conducting the survey. Look for the problems that should be addressed immediately like- Granting access after gaining the email of the subscriber. Ensure to take recommendations from every team member on the same. Different perspective helps in improving the performance of a business online.

3. Analyze the patterns

Analyze the different customer surveys and note the pattern. We often miss out on something important which might be bothering the customer. Analyze the questions and the answers to arrive at the conclusion and improve the services.

For example: if a majority of the people have shown displeasure on a certain service/ product then you need to take immediate action.
For this, you can use pie charts or graphs as visual representations to help take better decisions.

4. Analyze the results across multiple segments

Analyze different segments and have a peek as to how the response differs across various customer segments. After analyzing these segments, you will have a firm grasp on the solution and help them eradicate the problem. Understand whether the problem is in segmentation? Are there any reasons for these different responses?

5. Build successful strategies

Once you have the data in hand, you can easily design and revise your strategies for the same. Surveys help you get a grip over where you can improve in the business process. The parameters for improvement may differ:

  • Price
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Shipping

Customer surveys are an impactful way of gaining feedback. You can encourage customers for queries to enhance their experiences with your brand.


  • Design your surveys with a goal
  • Use quantitative data to know initial trends and qualitative for in-depth explanations
  • Ensure valid conclusions!!

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