10 Reasons Why You Need to Automate Business Process NOW!

When you listen to the word automation, what’s your first thought?

Do you think “Oh, automation is only for the big organizations and it’s too expensive for my small business”?

If this is what you believe, then you need to think again!

If you believe that automation is only for the big guns in the market, then you are completely wrong. The reality is automation can be performed on a small scale too!

Automate the key elements of your business and generate 300% More Leads and Sales.

As a self-driven business owner, you are constantly looking forward to the next best alternative to improve your business process and maximize profits.

Are you encountering low footfalls?

Are you facing stiff competition in the market?

Are you looking forward to maximizing your revenue without shelling much money?

If the answer to these questions is a YES, then I am afraid, your business needs to be re-triggered.

And How is that possible? Through AUTOMATION!

Your competitors are leveraging the power of automation NOW, still waiting for the right time?

Let’s first know what is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a process of using software to complete repetitive marketing tasks, send personalized messages and effectively market on various channels. It enables companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks to improve marketing efficiency. It brings prospects to the point where they can be directly approached by the sales team to conclude a sale.

Are you aware of the fact why Media and Entertainment platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Bloomberg succeeded in gathering a mass audience? It is the need of the hour for them to:

  • Ensure a regular flow of valuable content
  • Adopting ways to keep the customers hooked to the platform

Beyond this, how they suggest personalized shows to the subscribers?

The collection of data- the consumer’s preferences, likes, and even dislikes. Based on these parameters the platforms continue to refine their policies and customer understanding.

10 reasons why you need to automate business

Here are the 10 Reasons why your small business needs Automation:

1. Increase Productivity

You must have found yourself engaging in mundane repetitive tasks every morning. It not only takes much of your time but the time which you can utilize on brainstorming fresh business ideas. Automation works excellent especially with repetitive tasks.  It can help them with the front-loaded process and boost productivity

2. Improved Collaboration

Every business is made up of a bunch of moving parts with different teams working on different tasks. You no more need to wear all the hats, when you can just automate.

Automation helps in streamlining the communication, helps in keeping everyone on the same page, provides references to past work approaches, and automates goals and deadlines. You can decide what information to share instantly.

Most of the time you might have found yourself in dilemma:

“Why is the strategy not working. Have I missed out on something important?”

Automation helps in analyzing the areas which could be improved by allocating more resources.

3. Improves transparency

Most of the time we often forget about initializing important strategies at the right time. Automation helps you keep a tab over the analytics and help you schedule tasks. Automation helps you make informed decisions at the apt time and streamlines the tasks according to the priority.

4. Help you leverage multiple Channels

Online marketing helps you leverage multiple channels to reach your targeted audience and grow your customer base. From creating marketing campaigns, managing advertising budgets, to following up with the sales leads is a lot to do single-handedly.

Marketing automation allows you to manage everything with a single click. From gaining actionable insights, launching personalized emails, notifications, posts to figuring out a fresh customer segment, automation insights can help you figure out that.

5. Eliminates Errors

Believe it or not, we are humans and share the natural propensity to err.  But by automating all the necessary tasks, you can eliminate any room for mistakes.

Apart from helping you reduce finances; it also reduces administrative costs.
“Will you prefer hiring an employee for copy-pasting and sending redundant emails?”

Of course not!

Furthermore, there exists a scope for errors while managing too much on a single plate. Therefore, resorting to automation is the deal you need to overcome errors and maximize business efficiency.

6. Consistent Consumer experience

Have you ever thought of managing and streamlining shipping, orders, and marketing all at once?

Automation grants you the flexibility to do that. By automating these tasks, you can create a wonderful experience for your customers and build a brand reputation alongside.

A customer desires a personalized shopping experience and granting that offline is a bit challenging. Therefore, you can go for automation that ensures consistent excellence with customer experience.

7. Help you achieve timely communication

According to a report “sales-ready volume was increased by a whopping 120% for the businesses that were using marketing automation.”

Lead scoring and lead nurturing are important aspects of marketing automation.  It helps the businesses in achieving timely communication.

8. Increased sales from existing customers

Did a customer really like your products?

Was he convinced of the quality and the price you provide services at?

If the answer to these questions is a YES, then he is your potential customer.

Will you let him vanish in the thin air?

Target him with your new offerings and discounts by sending personalized emails and notifications. Marketing automation helps you leverage useful insights about a potential customer and you can provide your customer next step in the customer journey by re-engaging with your first-time buyers.

9. You need it because your customers are online

Is your business known to the maximum of your targeted audience?

What measures do you currently take to re-engage and promote your business?

Do the measures deliver quick results?

Nearly 85% of the customers search online for services or products. Are you available to them there?


You are losing 80% of your potential clients!

Online marketplace grants you more scope for multiplying revenue than store footfalls.

Your customers are searching for you online, what else motivation are you seeking to bridge the gap?

Automate your business today and nurture 8X sales.

10. Track and measure results

How much revenue did your shop garnered in the present month?

How more or less is it in comparison to the previous month?

Having a business online and automating everything, help you keep track of the sales you nurture every month.

Furthermore, you can gain useful insights as to how you can improve the marketing process and strengthen your campaigns to garner more sales for your business.

These are the reasons why your business needs to go online and leverage the power of automation NOW!

To understand the needs for automation for your business start by evaluating your business goals and resources. Take time to assess your process individually or read this.

Automation is no longer a fancy thing to go for but a necessity for your online business. If you want to ensure whopping business growth and unending Sales, AUTOMATION is the go-to path.

Now is the time to ditch traditional modes of marketing and switch to the next gear – Online marketing automation!

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