6 Advantages of using Online Survey Tool

Online surveys have turned out to be the most favourable and accepted tool to gather information from a large audience in a quick fashion. Excellent Customer Service is the backbone for any company to create competitive leverage in the market and people have developed zero tolerance over the past few years for frustrating customer service experience. It has certainly been made clear by the customers that they are ready to switch the brand, product or service in case of poor customer service standards. 

Digital Survey Tool is an awesome way to get closer to the target audience and get better insights on their needs, preferences, feedback, recommendations, satisfaction-dissatisfaction score if any, reasons for switching and so on. Delivering exceptional customer service is a prerequisite in today’s world where a single customer review can cause ripple effects in enhancing or degrading the brand's image within a fraction of minutes over social media platforms.

enlightenedWith the emergence of online surveys and the various advantages they offer,  it has become one of the popular verticals in marketing research to get valuable feedback from customers to know about their preferences and improve the company's performance. 

  • 90% customers say that organizations should give them the opportunity to provide feedback
  • 50% customers believe that most of the brands take action based on feedback provided by their customers.
  • In another report, it was revealed that 77% of customers see a brand in a more favorable light if it seeks out and applies customer feedback.

yesLet's explore the associated benefits of online survey platform:

1.Convenient Feedback Medium

Online survey provides convenience to all respondents in terms of answering it at its own pace. They can open or close it as per availability of time thus facilitates the complete submission of the form with constructive insights.

2. Ease of accessibility

The ease to access the survey through different platforms makes it acceptable by the audience and infuses motivation to share the ideas with the associated brand in an unbiased manner.

3. Maximum coverage

Online surveys are benefited with its embedded benefit to reach every customer attached to it. It takes a few clicks to get to know the customers irrespective of their location. All you need to reach the target audience is to send your survey link across social media, emails, and your website.


The cost involved in conducting online surveys and market research is almost negligible as compared to offline mode. Responses are processed automatically and the results are accessible at any time.

4. Fast analysis 

Studies showed that more than half of the responses are received within the first three days of the research project. With an automatic gathering of information, the efforts are saved in otherwise data collection and its reporting.

5. Customise Design

The online survey is a dynamic tool and can be tailored as per the target audience. The personalised approach in terms of questions asked multiplies the responses from the audience and supports the marketers to work on future marketing campaigns in a focussed way.

6. Anonymity

This is real freedom which enhances the expression from each customer to share their thoughts and insights over their experience on the product or service. Online surveys respect the privy thoughts and encourage them to participate in vocal about it without being recognised.

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Richa Raj


22 July 2020

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