6 Advantages of using Online Survey Tool

Do you remember the days when online surveys were conducted by distributing pamphlets across the area?

Now, things have changed and technology has revolutionized the way we interact with customers.

Are you delivering the products and services as per the customer’s expectations?

What is that the customers expect from your brand at the very moment?

What is the USP of your product?

Why do you think the product will help improve the lifestyle of your customers?

Do you have answers to these questions? 



Have you purchased any items online?

If yes, then you must have encountered a feedback form that hits your email once you avail of the service. It asks you to rate the service out of 5 or 10.

Can you relate to that? You rate it according to the customer service and the satisfaction you got from the product.

Similarly, your customers are your greatest critics as well as greatest assets.

How will you know what your customers want?

How will you measure the success of your idea?

Online Surveys!

The blog highlights the primary advantages of using an online survey tool for your business online.

What is an Online Survey?

An online survey is a set of questionnaires that your audience completes over the internet by filling up a form. The purpose of an online survey is to collect useful data.

The data is considered helpful while conducting research or an experiment.

Whether it is about leveraging customer’s insight for a product or researching into current customer behavior and trends, online surveys fill the gap perfectly.

Leverage customer insights to your marketing strategy and launch the most personalized product and services; scale up your sales along with building resounding reliability.

Gaining a customer’s insight into your idea is much better than launching a product that remains on the shelf for years unnoticed!

Launching a product that doesn’t qualify as something which could enhance the lifestyle is a complete waste of time and money. Furthermore, the failure of the product can lead to:

  • Slashed sales
  • Slashed overall revenue
  • Low reputation
  • Low trust
  • Loss of potential and well-engaged customers

And eventually, your business will come to a standstill!

And it will be the last thing you would like to happen to your business?

Isn’t it?

Therefore, conducting online surveys is a sure-fire way of getting into the mind of your customers and launching something that is just WOW!

Losing customers without conducting the survey is like deliberately hitting the ax.

6 Advantages of Using Online Survey Tool

By now, you must have got an idea that how important an online survey tool is for your business online. Let’s discuss more advantages!

1. Increased Response Rate

It is convenient to conduct online surveys as the respondent can easily choose to answer at their pace. Furthermore, the online survey has a high response rate. Here is how you can get a high response rate on the surveys:

  • Make them feel appreciated for their efforts
  • Provide genuine incentives
  • Keep surveys relevant
  • Offer surveys in multiple channels
  • Greater Reach

Sending a survey to a million audience is easier than mailing a copy of it to your audience individually or interviewing the responder face to face. The online surveys allowed for automated reminders and thus it increases the respondent’s participation.

How to get higher reach on surveys:

  • Post surveys on Facebook, Twitter, and forums
  • Ask the respondents to share it further
  • Embed them directly onto the website

2. Quick Results

The best part of launching surveys is you get the results instantly. The convenience and reach make it possible to get quick results. The answers are typed directly into the survey forms.

3. Cost-effective

No, you no more need to break the bank for getting useful data. There are plenty of websites that can help you create an impactful, responsive, and cost-effective survey.

With Click Nurture, you no more need to worry about the cost, and responsiveness of the online surveys, as it offers an interactive platform which you can dominate to create a survey with unlimited questions, without any technical knowledge.

4. Real-Time Access

As I told you above, you can the answers instantly. Therefore, you no more need to wait endlessly to get on with that much-anticipated strategy.

5. Secures Privacy of Details

Online surveys encourage the audience to participate without being recognized. It ensures the privacy of the details and delivers useful insights into the products.

Thus, the online Survey tool is a blessing when it comes to knowing your customers through a broader lens.

The main challenges with online surveys are:

  • Asking the right question in the right way
  • Getting a truthful response
  • Limited screening involved
  • Designing and writing the content

Now you can create an online survey seamlessly with Click Nurture.


Here is the answer

Click Nurture’s Survey tool helps you in :

  • Easy to create survey platform with different options of themes, color, and images.
  • Distribute your survey link to social media platforms without any glitch
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Ask an unlimited set of questions
  • Gain intuitive insight into user behavior
  • No more creating content; use drag and drop template
  • Understand your audience and serve them better.

So, you no more need to fiddle with the technicalities, no more hassle of embedding the link, no more restrictions to asking questions!

Know the most about your audience, Contact Click Nurture for further details.