8 ways to improve conversation strategy with Chatbot

Chatbots are an essential means of fetching leads 24/7. Are they getting you the desired returns?

The most common reason behind it is the user’s frustration. Increased automation doesn’t always mean increased satisfaction.

Customers' frustration with chatbots is peaking. To eliminate frustration and improve conversions, you need to re-visualize your chatbot strategy. You need to connect with your customers.

The blog states 8 ways to improve conversation strategy with Chatbots.

1. Create a personalized Chatbot

Though the chatbots are designed and calibrated according to the possible questions and answers that a user can ask, it doesn’t capture the user.

For creating a personalized chatbot you can undertake the conversation you receive in your mails. Having a unique dataset can grant you an edge over your competitors. You can create this dataset by segmenting the queries and creating specific answers for each data set.

For creating a personalized dataset check out:

  • Conversational flow
  • User experience
  • Speed
  • Accuracy

2. Give Your Chatbot a personality

User first interacts with your website. Website is the initial point of building a relationship with your targeted customers. Therefore, a user looks forward to a personality rather than a robot. Design a well-appealing personality for your brand and eliminate the possibility of error.

 You can create a chatbot personalized to the user’s needs and preferences. You can do this by segmenting your audience. This will help you design a chatbot who wishes to have candies, not cakes.

3. Re-calibrate your Chatbots with personalized and effective questions

Would you like to talk to a robot? NO! So, do your visitors!

Re-calibrate your chatbot with questions and greetings that resonate well with users. Being too creative won’t solve the problem only confuse the visitors. What to do?

  • First, know what the visitor is trying to achieve from this conversation?
  • What is his intent?
  • Run an A/B test to find the conversations that engage the user well
  • Research to find out what best will help the user

4. Keep updating the chatbots

Follow the trends and update the chatbots to meet the current curiosities of a user. It is imperative to feed your chatbots with updated trends and knowledge regarding your products/ industry. Else, it could cast a negative impact on the user.

5. Be proactive

Generally, the customers look for the options you mentioned in the chatbots, for example, watch a video or grab an e-book now. Check for those buttons whether they are clickable or not. Furthermore, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to understand what your users are struggling with and provide them the solution.

6. Include an option - “interact with a real person”

Yes, chatbots are amazing for interacting with prospects 24/7, humans like it personal. They rely more on human-to-human interaction. If a user is facing difficulty in getting answers to the question, you can grant him the option to chat with an expert (real person). This helps in instilling trust within the person.

7. Focus on Nurturing Empathy with Chatbots
Chatbots have answers to nearly every question a user asks. What makes them avoid it? Why a user hesitates in defining a problem? – Lack of empathy.

What a user seeks is:

  • Ability to track the user’s emotions without asking explicitly
  • Ability to adapt the conversation flow and the responses to sentiments
  • Ability to explicitly ask at the end of the conversation how the customer feels
  • Ability to compare implicit and explicit measures to improve sentiment capturing over time

This can be tackled by using Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP assists in making the chatbots friendlier and helps the user engage better.

8. Analyze the performance

The way people communicate using text messages is different from the way they communicate on mobile and other devices. For optimizing your chatbot for maximum performance, you need to analyze these measures. Focus on adopting the style that a customer likes.

Revising chatbot strategies based on insights will help in triggering a positive impact.

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