8 Ways to Improve your Landing page Conversion Rate by 75%

Building a website, putting up a landing page to get more traffic is all great. But do you know what sucks?

Low conversions.

It is challenging to figure out what a good conversion rate is. According to Word stream is, a good conversion rate is 10%

Yes, that’s indeed too much!

If you aren’t encountering good landing page conversions, then READ THE BLOG! The blog discusses ways that you can incorporate for maximizing your landing page conversions.

How Can I Increase My Landing Page Conversion Rate?

1. Design a killer Headline

Out of 10 people, 8 read the heading and leave the rest. You have to be very specific and compelling while designing the heading for your landing page. It should be concise, actionable, and valuable.

2. Include benefit

Create curiosity (have 1000 songs in your pocket instead of storage of 1GB of MP3)

3. Include power words (like Ultimate..!!)

Focus on 1 thing that your prospects desire highly (create successful FB campaigns fast!)

Cliff-hanger headline (9 out of 10 people are guilty of this…)

4. Cut your copy to the bare minimum

If someone is eagerly looking for a solution, then it is imperative to keep your copy short and write in a way that instantly solves their problem.

If you are struggling to write a good copy for your framework.

If you are struggling to illustrate how your product solves the problem, you can try this copywriting framework:

  • The story with a character like them
  • who has a similar problem?
  • who offers a plan to solve that problem?
  • Who invites them to take action?
  • what helps them avoid failure and ends in success?

5. Include Images and Videos

The image can either be the hero of your product or its benefits. Images help connect readers with your brand as they find it relatable. The images should be clear crisp and action-provoking.

According to Animoto, “96% of consumers find videos helpful when making online buying decisions”

You can tell the story of your brand through images.

It Directs attention towards CTA.

6. Include Trust Indicators

Nearly every customer goes through reviews or ratings before making a buying decision. That’s why incorporating trust indicators is essential to your post-click landing page.

Make them believe that yes, you have the solution to their problem. And make sure to display the proof at the beginning of the landing page. We, humans, trust more in word of mouth than what a company says. You can include trust indicators in the form of:

  • Testimonials
  • Trust badges
  • Use header to broadcast Offer

The design of your landing page should be such that when a user lands on it, s/he finds the benefit instantly.

For example:

Instantly grow your email list, and increase sales with the #1 optimizing toolkit in the world.

Doesn’t it spark curiosity?  Yes, it does!

Most of the landing pages use the header to spark curiosity and the sub-heading to detail the offeror to share the value- proposition.

7. Optimize landing page for mobile

According to Medium “mobile-friendly landing pages lead to an average conversion rate of nearly 11.7%, compared to 10.7% for desktop-only pages”

Along with making your landing page responsive, understand how your customers react to desktop and mobile versions of landing pages. Which of these they do like the most?

8. Don’t get too wordy with landing Page

Users don’t read! They scam!

Until and Unless your heading is attention-grabbing, users don’t read further.

According to research “A 100-word landing page converts better than a 500- word landing page.”

You may have written a long content, but cut-short it down to only include specifics. Apart from that use:

  • Bullets
  • Headers
  • Line breaks for better conversions
  • Include Strong Call to Actions

After conquering the hardships of making your visitor land on the website, don’t forget to include Call to Actions. Set up a prominent Call to action helps the visitor travel further in the customer journey process.

According to Wish pond, some of the important CTAs are:

  • Start
  • Stop
  • Build
  • Join
  • Learn
  • Discover

Here are some takeaways for designing a good landing page:

  • Personalize your landing page according to your visitors
  • Give people information quickly to act faster
  • Write compelling headings, CTAs and Copy

For further information on designing well-converting landing pages in 2021, feel free to contact Click Nurture.