Automate Your advertising Strategy With This Free tool

In today’s age marketing is all about personalization. In such a scenario marketing automation emerge as a promising technology for increased sales and leads.

You must have wished once in a while “What if I could transfer the burden of managing everything on my end?”

Yes, every business owner wishes to do so. But the major issue is trust.

What if you miss out on scheduling an important post?

What if you miss out on responding to your customer’s mail?

What if a customer lands in odd hours and leaves without any form submission?

This may affect your business to a great extent.

But the question is “what can be done to attend to every customer and every process seamlessly?”

Imagine having a hand over a technology that could take away all your burden of interacting with the customers, sending emails, marketing, and provide you real-time insights without you having to move a needle?

Yes, it is not a fantasy, you can definitely actualize it.

The blog is about how you can automate your advertising strategy using a free tool.

Why Should Businesses automate advertising?

Marketing is the wheel on which a business thrives. It involves tedious tasks like creating posts, posting posts, responding and generating mails, interacting with customers, and updating information.

And of course, running ads.

Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is extremely important and in the mid of completing all these processes, it becomes nearly impossible.

The barrier between the customers and the brands is not good.

The tasks mentioned above seem overwhelming.

How about streamlining the complete marketing process and interact actively with the customer in every segment?

Now, you will not miss out on customers anymore! Leverage the power of automation for advertising.

Here is why your Business needs to Automate the advertising NOW!

1. Saves time and Reduces Costs

Advertising involves lots of redundant tasks.

Why engage in these redundant tasks every day when you can just automate everything?

Grant your marketing team more time to brainstorm ideas and create fresh and engaging content.

Automation can help assist the marketing process but maintaining the content quality solely depends on you.

You probably have limited time to grow your business both regarding the budget and advertising campaign

Why not automate the lead generation campaign and reach the right audience at the right time?

2. Best Targeting

When it is about targeting the customers through email campaigns, you need to make sure that you are targeting the right ones. By automating email marketing, you can segment the audience.

 For example, you created a promotional offer email campaign. When a potential lead makes the purchase, it will get included in the “promotional offer- purchase” segment automatically.

Furthermore, you can decide the number of emails or SMSs your customer should receive in a month.

Targeting demands efficiency and you can send well-planned and configured, messages, offers, and reminders at the right time to your audience.

By automating the email and SMSs, you can concentrate on other important aspects of business hassle-free.

3. Helps to create personalized Experiences

The customers look forward to more of a personalized touch than a robotic one. Automated campaigns convert better than the normal ones.

The possible reason for this can be that automation allows you to divide your audience into different segments and send the most relevant message to each of those segments. 

Furthermore, it allows you to leverage the power of personalization to a greater extent to nurture leads.

For example: This is an automated email campaign run by Huckberry that showcases what to expect from the brand clearly. Furthermore, the figures create a sense of reliability among the customers.

Thus, you can utilize the power of automation to travel the minds of the audience and reach the ultimate spot. Meet your customers in their skin, personalize the marketing with automation.

This is how automating the marketing process can help you in streamlining the advertising.

The next question is:

How to automate the advertising process?

Do you wish to interact with your audience at the right time?

77% of the businesses are believed to have witnessed a rise in conversions since they start using automation.

Why grant your competitors the opportunity to take away your customers?

Convert every visitor on your site with a smooth automation process.

Relying on freebies for some time is good, but when you want to expand your audience, you need to refine your advertising strategy too.

Here is how you can improve the marketing process through Automation

1. Interact through Live Chat support

As the name suggests, a live chat support system helps in interacting with your visitors 24/7. You don’t have to miss out on any lead owing to the absence. With Live Chat support, you can:

  • Build mail list
  • Generate quality lead
  • Analyze customer trends
  • Trigger personalized conversations

The business owners believe there are many limitations to installing chatbots and configuration. Therefore, you can

With Click Nurture, you can-

  • Create chatbot through drag and drop
  • Leverage the power of dynamic dashboard
  • Targets specific user needs
  • Easy integration of a chatbot with instructions
  • Identify promising leads
  • Capitalize most qualified prospects

2. Email Marketing Automation

Sending emails manually to every customer is not just tiresome but time taking deal.

Instead of engaging in the monotonous process, you can invest that time in creating powerful content.

Do you have an offer to share with your prospects?

Do you want your audience to know about your latest products?

Do you wish to automate the email process?

If the answers to the above questions are a yes, then email marketing automation can help.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your audience.

“Why should I invest in email marketing automation”: here is your answer..

By Investing in Email automation with Click Nurture, you can:

  • The flexibility of design options and unlimited templates
  • Granular look at campaigns performance
  • Personalize email campaigns with drag and drop templates
  • Easy to use
  • Well-responsive and converting campaigns
  • Create powerful campaigns for different devices
  • Track the customer journey

3. Comment Automation

You must be asleep but your users may not.

Conquering maximum leads is the primary goal for any business.

Why lose on the opportunity to turn the visitors into potential prospects?

Yes, you can convert the prospects into leads even when you are in deep dreams.

Through comment Automation.

Comment automation interacts with your visitor in real-time and replies instantly to the visitor’s query. It can be configured with a set of possible answers that can answer a user’s query.

What can be best than nurturing leads 24/7?

No more glitches, no more ill-functioning comment automation, contact Click Nurture:

With Click Nurture, you can:

  • Reply to the user’s comment instantly
  • Like the user’s comment
  • Comment with link and images
  • Human-like interaction
  • Comment with a specific keyword or hashtag
  • Start conversation instantly
  • Easy to integrate with other tools
  • Analyze every visitor on the website
  • Social Auto-Posting

“Oh, I forgot to schedule create the post for today!”

This is one of the common phenomena that every business or marketing manager encounters.

In the mid of 100 tasks on the desk, it becomes seemingly impossible to remember every single deal.

Engaging with your audience on daily basis is crucial for building and increasing brand reputation and engagement.

Missing posting on a single day can cost you a 50% dip in engagement!

Are you ready to lose your interested audience and prospects, just because of one good day?

If not, then social -auto-posting is something that can help you avoid such blunders!

Cut on the overwhelming process of updating posts on every platform individually, and get it all posted with just a single click!

Avoid the headache of posting every day; turn to schedule posts!

Keep frustrations at bay with smooth and responsive social auto-posting by Click Nurture:

  • Instantly share alerts, news
  • Queue-up unlimited posts
  • Edit hashtags and handles
  • Post automatically on social media
  • Access 13 social media platforms at one platform
  • Analyze report of individual platforms for improving strategy
  • Save time and revise the sales gear
  • Schedule the best times to post
  • Re-share old posts
  • Nurture engagement even when you sleep

Here in this way, you can leverage the power of automation for advertising and maximize traffic, engagement, and of course, the sales for your business online!

Evaluate the visitor’s behaviors, and generate the best results through easy-to-follow instructions and integrations.

For assistance, you can contact the Click Nurture team, we will take care of all your requirement.

If you want to begin with nurturing potential leads FAST, then contact Click Nurture NOW