Behavioural Marketing Practices : How to Get More Clicks Conversions

Sell exactly what your customer Wants!

Imagine a world where you could sell a product or services to a consumer who’s looking to buy exactly what you sell.

Yeah, that’s true!

As you scroll through your favorite web pages,   your eyes fall upon an attractive ad that seems interesting to you.

What will be your immediate reaction?

Clicking it! Right?

Well, do you know you know the formula for earning 300% more profit?

Guess what, you have finally found it!

How exactly can behavior marketing help brands and businesses? Why is it worth making a part of your marketing automation strategy?


The blog discusses important behavior marketing practices to undertake for your business online.

Have you ever received an email from Amazon after browsing specific products?

This is how behavior marketing works.

Let’s discuss

For example: If you visit the Amazon website and search for a product in detail, it immediately sends an email after you leave the website filling in the details. Well, it could be either an email, or a targeted ad that is shown to you when you return to the Amazon store. You might receive notifications regarding the discounts ongoing on similar products.

Instead of spending money on expensive advertising campaigns, you can simply find what one needs and sell it to them.

This sort of re-targeting is done through constant Emails and Push Notifications. Push notifications are the best way to target a million customers with a single click! To know about how it can help flow-in engagement then contact Click Nurture.

Almost every website that is visited tracks its reader’s movements.

Information is collected each time a page is visited by the customer.

With the help of tools like Customer journey, Heatmaps, Live Session Recording, you can uncover good insights and understand the behavior of your customers.

You can utilize the information you receive on the website for tailoring your marketing messages.

Utilize every click on your website to build a personalized marketing strategy for your business online.

Thus, user behavior plays a crucial role in modifying the marketing game online.

Let’s first know what is behavior marketing?

What is Behavior Marketing?

Behavior marketing is the practice of serving targeted ads or content based on user’s past actions and behaviors. If the ad launched is relevant to the user, the chances are it will receive maximum CTR (Click Through Rate)

Delve into the world of implementing a marketing strategy that allows you to create better-targeted and effective messages which completely resonate with your customers and prospects.

No, it is not a fantasy, you can actualize it.

Now, Let’s know-how and why behavior Marketing is important for your business online?

Why do you need to Invest in Behavior Marketing - NOW?

Behavior marketing allows you to target an audience in a way that is deeply strategic and relevant.

Instead of launching marketing strategies in the void, engage those who are eager to listen to what you have to say.

Providing a tailored offer provokes the prospect to open up the email. Therefore, utilizing behavior marketing help you with:

  • Ability to anticipate your customer’s need
  • Ability to use resources efficiently
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Retargeting efforts
  • Identifying your real customers

Example: Google Collects a lot of behavior data about users which allows companies to create well-targeted ads. When users search something like-

Apple, I pad, they will witness some shopping ads like:


If they click on any of these ads and even if they do not purchase, they will receive the ad, news, or entertainment websites from these stores. Such ads will remind the users that they wanted to buy an I pad in the back of their mind and thus are more likely to take an emotional decision. This is behavior marketing and how it works.

How online businesses can utilize Behavior Marketing for maximizing Sales?

By adopting the best Behavior Marketing Practices.

And what are they?

Let’s know quickly!

Best Practices to Undertake for Behavior Marketing

For leveraging the power of behavior marketing, you can track past purchases, clicks (as to what your customers are clicking the most), which device they use the most, IP location.

The more specific information you have on your customer, the more quickly you are likely to convert him.

Increase your Sales with Email Re-targeting

If you run a business, you must be familiar with the fact that people often leave the products in the cart after exploring the website and the products.

If the visitor left the product in the cart and forgets about it, you will lose a potential customer.

A business needs customers and thus you need to re-target a potential customer.

How can you save your business from incurring a potential loss?

By leveraging the power of email re-targeting.

Get familiarize with the behavior stage of your customer (awareness, interest, desire, action) through the Customer journey and live visitor tracking tool and launch targeted emails for your products online.

With Click Nurture’s Live visitor tracking tool you can:

  • Know about incomplete transactions
  • Know about abandoned cart
  • Eliminate the loopholes between the customer and conversions
  • Improve personalization

While customer journey tool helps you in communicating through various tools like push notifications, web landing page, social proof, to provide customers the right information and help you with recording even a minor deviation in customer behavior online.

This is an example of how you can re-target your customers and prospects through email. Birchbox, email’s very starting line discloses the motive “We want you back!” It is actively complemented with a 20% OFF OFFER on the next purchase. This is surely going to receive love as the messaging is clear and the offer is amazing.

Increase your revenue with suggested products

According to recent stats, “74% of the customers feel frustrated by the marketing content that they all least interested in".

Therefore, it is the need of your business to adopt a customer segmentation technique before launching a marketing campaign.

What is the use of launching a product and investing dollars in marketing when it doesn’t nurture sales?

You need to target the customers who are actively looking for your products online.

How will you know who these customers are?

How will you segment?

Click Nurture’s Customer Segmentation tool provides you the power to do that. It helps you in:

  • Learning more about your audience
  • Launch targeted and specific marketing campaigns
  • Help you sell more by acquainting you with customer’s needs
  • Get a holistic view of customers outside the holistic view of your business

Thus, using this tool, you can leverage important insights into your customers and suggest products that your customers and prospects are most interested in.

Customize your messaging by location

By now, you must have gathered knowledge about how you can target customers through email. But do you know you can utilize an advanced way of targeting the customers by location?


Let’s understand it using an example:

The lifecycle engagement platform, Appboy partnered with location data Company Place IQ to increase mobile engagement. The idea behind the campaign was to help Urban Outfitters improve its contextual marketing policy. The company utilized real-world behavior to support in-app messages which brought Urban Outfitters a whopping 75% increase in conversions and increased its revenue rate by 14%.

This example talked about contextual marketing. What is it?

Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing is delivering a relevant message based on context (platform or content) regardless of the media form.  The marketers serve ads based on the behavior, to a specific targeted audience with a high chance to convert.

For example: The Ads delivered through Google AdSense are a good example of contextual marketing.

So, this is how you can utilize customized messaging for targeting your customers by location.

Improve Your Marketing with Personalized content

Are you encountering less traffic?

Does the content on your website interest users?

Does your content reflect upon the major pain points?


Well, it is a disaster for your business!

The question is how you can make your visitors love the content and convert?

One way to improve the content is by personalization. Personalization goes a huge mile in improving your marketing efforts.

Marketing is no more about promotion but personalization.

Content personalization example - Alo Moves

For example: In this, the brand Alo Moves gets a mile ahead in personalization by tailoring the website content to match the choices of the visitors.

  • It recommends daily classes for beginners
  • Reminds the user of the classes they’ve started watching but haven’t finished
  • Recommend niche yoga like yoga for Golfers

Thus, owing to a good personalization strategy, the brand is likely to gain more customer preference.

This is the power of personalization!

 It overturns the business statics!

Re-targeting Ads on Social Media

Most of you must be familiar with this type of re-targeting.

Retargeting on social media is done through retargeting ads that appear again and again on popular social media pages. This helps in targeting the previous visitors to bring them back on the website.

For example: The below image asks whether they are still interested in considering the purchase.

Is it still on their mind?

This type of re-targeting improves the visibility of a brand online and helps them nurture new customers.



Well, this is how you can leverage the power of behavior marketing to sell what the customer is ready to buy.

It will help you optimize the customer experience and apply the right set of metrics to understand your customer better.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Contact Click Nurture and know how you can recoil the gear of your business marketing strategy with Behavior Marketing.