Best Advertising Tendencies in 2020: Automation and AI Are The 'New general'

Marketing Automation has always been a quick-paced stream for business, with the pace quickened always by technology. However, the COVID- 19 pandemic and its worldwide effect was, arguably, the most confusing drive that entrepreneurs accept seen in a very long time.

There is some unique bendability in what advertising and marketing experts are seeing in the tendencies of technology more likely to influence the scope of different enterprises. In the top of the list is the expanding utilization of Chatbots, a spotlight on voice search engine optimization VSEO, and technologies aggrandized with synthetic intelligence AI. A few runners-up include the endured popularity of podcasts, webinars and videos.

“Conversational Technologies, together with Facebook Messengers and Chatbots, are one of the crucial essential technologies organizations can expend all over COVID-19 situation and beyond when it comes to assisting visitors and generating revenue with advertising and marketing efforts,” says Shane Murphy-Reuter, chief vice chairman of advertising and marketing at Intercom, a communicative relationship platform company.

COVID-19 has propelled enterprises of every kind very nearly overnight to about-face their operations towards the online focal point. The need to preserve consumer relationships and calibration operations are essential at the moment and sure to remain so for some time. These tools boost the efficiency of aid, income, and advertising groups and allow companies to connect with customers in a targeted and informed way.

Clicknurture allows you to create your own ChatBot with no prior technical knowledge. The interactive flow builder makes it very easy to design the chat flow for different requirements. It helps to manage the balance between volume and quality of the leads and boost lead engagement on the website. By placing a live chat tool, the Sales Team is released with the pressure of thousands of follow up and are now required to concentrate on fewer filtered leads. The increased efficiency of the Sales Team supports marketing personnel to optimise advertising resources and multiply sales revenue.

ChatBots have wider scope in their implementation. For example: engaging with clients during the launch of new products, guiding users with the location of the new store, recommending when the filled cart is not purchased and so on. The easy and smooth interaction with the Bot makes it much easier for the customers to explore the product or service at their own pace without human intervention. This breaks the barrier of online purchasing for the first time buyers and enhances online experience.

The next phase involves the onboarding of the visitors. Clicknurture gives the boost to your digital marketing acquisition strategy with the power of Push Notifications, Social Proof, Email Marketing, Landing Page and Online Surveys. The whole idea of automating the lead acquisition and engagement process so that the website customer service is managed without delays. It aids you to understand your target audience ina better way and turn every effort to convert website clicks into potential customers, even for the long term.

The integration of different Clicknurture features on the website is as easy as its analysis. Our All-in-one Analytics Platform is an interactive platform with the power of smart filters which allows you to score your users' engagements on the website according to the page visited, needs and preferences. The lead score is then considered by the Sales Team to prioritize the final conversions.

With the assistance of numerous Clicknurture evaluation tools, which you could use to monitor, analyse and evaluate the website visitors engagement and behaviour, you can generate the best results through a straightforward and simple process. The conquering and nurturing of Digital Population are made easy with Clicknurture.

With every person making the abounding efforts to create their digital presence, the support of the right tools for the right goal at the right time is essential.

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Richa Raj Team

2 August 2020

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