Best Marketing Automation Tool : Lower Costs. Higher Sales.

Re-trigger the gear of marketing efficiency and ensure 300% more SALES!

Do you juggle between launching campaigns and tracking results?

It would have been alright, had it been the only task!

Analysing the targeted audience, their needs, creating a post, revising the business strategies according to the changing behavior of the customers…adds to the efforts.

Managing indeed becomes easy when you have a great support team beside you.

At times, we miss out upon noticing a shift in the behavior of the customer and launch campaigns without revising the strategies. At times, you must have found yourself dumbstruck thinking:

“Why am I not yielding the desired results?”

“Why my new product didn’t appeal to the audience?”

“Why am I encountering low traffic?”

It can be because of getting engaged in so many things and missing out on analysing the impact at the deeper level.

A campaign that doesn’t entertain or provide value, fails to acquire customers for your business and you lose upon potential lead and growth. Losing an Active Lead is like losing million dollars!

The blog discusses the best marketing tools that can help fasten-up the marketing gear in 2021

The greatest fear of marketers is remaining static in the online marketplace. And you won’t want that!

The major cause of most small business owners and entrepreneurs is the frustration of managing everything along with taking important business decisions.

You must have asked yourself once-

“Can I manage everything from tracking, posting and launching effective, and targeted campaigns without losing upon my precious time?”

Guess what, now you can!

Are you leveraging the power of automation for your business? NO!

Today’s marketing landscape and consumer buying behavior are rapidly changing. Staying updated with the changes is the NEED OF THE HOUR or else you may lose customers!

Invest in automation NOW!

Ensure accuracy and avoid engaging in redundant tasks!

Cheers to Automation!

Automate the mundane tasks and focus on what actually demands your attention.

Here are some of the best Automation Tools for your business:

Marketing Automation Tools That Your Business Needs in 2021!

1. Push Notifications

You must have been witness to loads of push notifications that catch your attention.  These are called push notifications. Push notifications can be sent any time and the users don’t have to be a subscriber to receive those notifications.

Yes, you have got it right! You can send messages to your target audience at the time they are most active and acquaint them with fresh arrivals or discounts.

It is the best technology to re-target the customers and attracting new ones for your business. With push notifications, you can-

  • Send transactional receipts right away
  • Convert unknown app users to known customers
  • Promote products and increase sale
  • Driving users to other marketing channels

Businesses normally avoid push notification integration due to complex installation and integrations. Well, with click nurture, you no more require complex installation. You can:

  • Re-engage with lapse users
  • Outreach users with personalized push notifications
  • Utilize interactive drag and drop templates to send across your message
  • Integrate it with a segmentation tool and improve conversions by 5X
  • Evaluate response on every click

2. Chatbot

“90% of the time of the customers is spent on devices”

Does your business make a presence there? NO?

How do you engage someone who lands up on your website at an odd hour?

At an odd hour?


Now, you can!

Engage customers, answer every query, and gather leads for your business online without being available 24/7!

Leverage the expertise of Chatbots. It helps you:

  • Attend a visitor’s query at 3am
  • Provide relevant answer
  • Directs him towards the business’s end goal
  • Turn visitor into a potential customer

Many businesses that utilize chatbot face issues like

  • Testing
  • Holding user’s attention
  • Unclear USP (unique selling point)
  • Technical and complex integration
  • Malfunctioning

Yes, Chatbots encounter issues if not tested and are complicated to install. With Click nurture, forget about complex installations and integrations, just nurture leads!

With Click Nurture, you can-

  • Design interactive and personalized chatbot utilizing unlimited templates
  • Utilize the drag and drop feature to design your chatbot; no technicality involved
  • Generate quality leads and optimize the conversion rate
  • Integrate chatbot with custom instructions on different webpages

3. Social Proofs

What are your first thoughts when you encounter good foot traffic in a showroom?

Of course, that the “The showroom must be good.”

Similarly, your customers look for approval despite the fact they are interested in the product.

Social Proof adds confirmation to their decision of purchasing the products.

For example: This is Ostrich Pillow’s sales page, featuring testimonials by a sport psychologist and an expert in neurology praising the pillow’s effectiveness in providing peaceful naps. Since they are experts in the field, the proof will be considered reliable and help the customers get on with the purchase. 

Social proof helps you in-

  • Influencing decision
  • Tap into basic human instincts to follow the actions of others
  • Generates engagement and improves reputation
  • Positive brand mentions increase reliability

With Click Nurture you get:

  • Increase engagement with dynamic social proof
  • Increase brand loyalty with the simple conversion tool
  • Diminish barrier to online buying behavior
  • Turn visitor into potential customer

4. Online Surveys

How would you know that the product you are going to launch will be successful?
Are your customers excited the same way as you?

How would you know it?


Surveys help you analyze the online trends and the shift in customer’s behavior.

Avoid the stress of brainstorming what your customer wants, get straight to the targeted audience and ask!

  • It helps you figure out your target market
  • Launch targeted marketing campaign
  • Help you launch surveys based on segments (age, location, gender)
  • Strengthen future product offering
  • Assists in marketing
  • Getting feedback from a whole round of audience can give a well-rounded picture of who your audience is and help your brand perform better online.

Online Survey provides the highest level of convenience for the customers to respond via feedback forms, recommendations, testimonials, and reviews.


For example: It is a review survey by Uber that asks the passenger to rate the ride. In uber, the passengers give ratings to drivers and drivers to rate the passenger. It is an example of an online survey that helps a brand improve its services and personalize.

With Click Nurture, you no more need to worry about creating surveys as you can launch surveys by just choosing the right template suitable for your industry.

  • Ask unlimited questions from your site visitors
  • Intuitive interface
  • Survey builder meets the need of growing businesses
  • A Cost-effective way to understand your audience better

5. Landing Page

What makes a visitor stop in the tracks to read the complete thing?

What makes him immediately fill-up the form?

A landing page!!

A landing page is the first interaction between your visitor and the brand, it should be responsive, well-messaged, clear , and user-friendly to nurture more leads.

The major causes of failure of the landing page are:

  • Failure in adding clear CTAs ( Call to Actions)
  • Missing out on Unique Selling point
  • Non-mobile responsive layout
  • Lack of social proof (testimonials)  to support your point
  • Non-engaging headline

A bad Landing page affects the user-experience and hence it should be created highlighting all the major features to gain maximum leads.

If you want your customers to know about your new offerings, you can launch a landing page distinct from the home page and market it.

Common integrations issues:

  • No traffic
  • Poor funnel conversion rate
  • Internal disagreements
  • High bounce rate
  • The success of an ad depends on the landing page.

Click Nurture helps in creating a responsive and well-converting landing page:

  • That is search-friendly
  •  Drive more organic traffic to your site
  • Improves click-through rate and support transition in the customer journey
  • Multiplies visitor on-site and divides cost per acquisition


  • Are you generating a steady flow of qualified leads?
  • Do you have a content strategy mapped to your buyer’s journey?
  • Are you tracking leads on every touch point?
  • Do you have a proven lead-generating strategy that you want to scale?

If the answers to these questions are a YES.

What are you waiting for?

It is high time to get started with Automation.

Which Marketing tool are you going to use first? Share your thoughts with us.

Learn more about automation tools with Click Nurture.