Best ways to use live chat to boost your users engagement

Reply Instantly to queries defying time constraints and maximize User engagement by 400%!!

It’s 3 am and you come across a website that seems a promising solution to your problem and you don’t find any medium to connect with the brand at that odd hour.

What will happen?

You will return and resume what you were doing.


Now, project this scenario in terms of your targeted audience. What if they did the same?

The worst part is your customers are curious to know and you just have a 7-second span to attend to customer’s questions.

Else they switch to your competitors!

What is it you are lacking?

Why doesn’t a visitor stay on the site?

Emotional touch.

Provide your customers a consistent and inviting experience and make them come back for more. Read the blog!

The Blog discusses the best ways to use Live Chat for your business to boost user engagement.

It’s nothing surprising that the Live chat support system has been established as a dynamic customer support tool in the market.

Your customers and prospects look for an emotional touch from your brand.

The more engaged they are the more likely they are to become your potential customers.

According to Marketing Insider Group : “80% of U.S. customers would pay more for a product or service to ensure a superior customer experience”.

A great customer experience goes a long way in acquiring a loyal and decent base of customers.

Live chat is the far best way to increase customer trust and engagement on the website.

“30% of the visitors expect a live chat on a website.”

Are you listening to your customers?

If you fail to capture the leads in real-time, you are left with celebrating the competitor’s success. And you want that the least!

How about capturing every lead regardless of the time-constraints?

How about flooding engagement even at odd hours?

The customer dealing needs to be more than manning the desk and answering the emails manually in the world that looks for instant response.

Live Chat makes it possible!

Simply serving customers is no longer sufficient for prospering, the companies must learn how to engage.

Live Chat is no more just a technology but an Urgency for your online business.

Before discussing the ways to increase engagement through Live Chat, let’s first know what is a live chatbot.

What is Live chat?

Live chat is a medium that allows businesses to interact with a visitor in real-time, via messaging. The software that enables live chat is known as live chat software.

 You can leverage the power of live chat to interact with first-time visitors, with returning customers, and to support your existing customers.

It is a contextual way of initiating the conversation, retaining the customers, driving sales, and close more sales deals.

How about greeting the visitors with:-“Thanks for showing interest in the product, can I give a tour of the website?”

Found it welcoming and comforting, right?

Your customers will like it too!

Let’s explore some of the best ways to boost your engagement by Live chat support.

1. Set Up an Automated Greeting

When you visit a store what do you like the most about it apart from the products?

What will make you return to the store?

Yes, great customer service. You are greeted by a clerk who attends you at the very time you need assistance. Similarly, the website visitors have only two options to find a solution to their problem – by contacting customer service or switching to the next website.

In such a situation, having a live chat support system protects your leads from becoming your competitor’s potential customers. 

Furthermore, live chat assists in encountering customer behavior patterns online. For example, if he is landing on the same FAQ page again and again then, it triggers a chat greeting and grants them the chance to chat with a representative or agent to solve the problem.

11 Chatbot Marketing Examples to Boost your Bot Strategy | Sprout Social

Here is an example of a live chat of sprout social which works as per the visitor’s actions.  Furthermore, the options like customer support and human are provided according to the psychology of the visitors as to what will he like to know next. You can set up the live support utilizing customer behavior and personalization.

2. Provide personal recommendations to returning customers

Suppose a customer is satisfied with your services and purchased from you. If he returns for more, what would be your strategy to target him?

He is familiar with the products you offer, your website policy, but still, you can create a resounding experience for him and make his next visit a memorable one.

You have the customer data; you are familiar with his website behavior and what he will love to watch the most on your website.

For example, your customer buys a pair of shoes from your website, on his next visit, you can show him the recommendations for shoe soles, laces, or shoe waterproofer. It is the best way of targeting your previous customers.

3. Share media files for improved assistance

Unlike an employee who attends calls manually, leverage the power of attracting prospects through visuals. How?

For any query that pops up on your screen, you can share media files like images, videos, e-books, GIFs, for better clarification.

If the images or videos shared succeeds in solving the curiosity of the visitor, then he is more likely to become a potential prospect.

For example: Here in this example, you can see unlock IELTS grants users the flexibility to watch a tutorial video or download a free e-book. Doing so not only improves engagement but conversions too.

4. Integrate Your CRM with Live Chat Support

Provide personalized and tailor-made assistance to website visitors with live chat support and improve sales graphs.

If you ask your customer to log in to your chat form and share their contact data, then it can help boost your quality of services. Depending on the platform you use, you can gather information about each customer which could be beneficial for your business.

This can be double-gain for your business. This practice will help improve customer experience and create lasting bonds with your brand.
After all, your visitors and customers desire are – VALUE

Make them feel pampered, make them feel understood with live chat support.

5. Follow up with a customized Feedback

After integrating your live chat support with CRM, you can leverage insight into potential customer data and of the pre-chat survey.  If they encountered a genuine problem, it will be nice to send them a follow-up email.

It is the best way to re-engage with your visitor and measure customer satisfaction.

Running a business online requires you to be loyal to your customers, build loyalty and meet their needs. Therefore, customer’s opinions matter in generating a personalized and satisfactory experience. The best time to ask for feedback is when the customer finishes off the task.

Paldesk customer feedback

This is one of the feedbacks by a customer using Pal desk, he is none other than the CEO of Carwiz.

How do you think the review will make a difference in the brand’s reputation?

Yes, it will attract more customers and the trust of the visitors.

Therefore, feedbacks matters. Leverage the insight using the live chat tool and improve customer experience.

There are many restrictions to using Live chat support :

  • Complex integrations
  • Complex installation
  • Broken points of connection
  • Technical glitch

Click Nurture provides assistance which helps you:

  • Design responsive and attractive chatbots easily
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Improves the ability to answer complex questions
  • Delight your customers using interactive pre-made templates
  • Improve customer engagement and conversions
  • Analyze the insights on the responsive dashboard


A well-defined customer support chat strategy helps you present your brand in the best light It not only help improve engagement but also the SALES. Pay close attention to how the live chat feature fits perfectly with your UX and carefully track the results that need tweaking.

Utilize Live chat to gain the kind of engagement you want on your site.

How you can personalize the experience of your visitors and make their visit count?

Contact Click Nurture and know how you can improve your business Customer Engagement and draw in more Sales.