Best ways to use live chat to boost your users engagement

The old school methods of email and SMS follow-ups are no longer fool-proof differentiator factors in acquiring and retaining customer leads. Remarkable and unbeatable customer experience is what makes a competitive edge in the market. With technological advancements and AI making its way in every platform, is what is needed for an hour. 

Live chat is an incredibly manageable and cost-effective way for your support team to deliver an amazing experience across the entire customer journey. The whole idea of AI integration is Whether someone is just visiting your website to learn more about your business or they’re coming back to purchase again, they don’t have to stop what they are doing or leave the page to find an answer. The customers should be able to find the needed solution within a few clicks from the well curated stream of questions and answers interactions.enlightened

yesLet's explore the best possible ways in which Live Chats can do wonders in the existing organisation flow:

  1. Improves Customer Satisfaction Count: By placing a live chat widget on any page of your website to show visitors that you’re available to answer their questions as they arise. The convenience in dealing with impromptu queries at any moment builds confidence and trust in the brand. It directly affects the user experience and hence the customer satisfaction count.
  2. Promote Self Serviceby showing the users relevant self-help documents right on the same page and assisting them quickly to find their own solutions. It simply Saves time for your team and your customers by building up your knowledge base of answers and making them instantly accessible to people who need guidance.
  3.  Onboarding new customers: By making the live chat platform as the only contact point for new customers helps in breaking the uncertainties during the trial sessions. The interactions with chatbot provide users with liberty and choice to explore the services without any intervention. This enhances the confidence and results in higher conversions.
  4. E-course or webinar registrations: Drive new or long-term customers toward webinars and educational courses that will make them more successful with your tool or product. Use chatbots to outline the benefits of registrations and engage them to be a part of the journey.
  5. Re-engageUse live chat as an opportunity to win back diluting e-commerce customers with special offers, coupons or discounts. Use live chat as an opportunity to spark a new purchase with a customer who hasn’t purchased in a while.
  6. The more The betterTake a moment to understand what the customer is really looking to solve, asking questions to get at the underlying need.Informing customers of additional plan options with additional features that can more elegantly solve their problems not only multiply your figures but also enhance the life cycle of the acquired customers. 
  7. Book a One-on-One meet or DemoWhen prospects visit high-converting pages (like your pricing or product pages), be available on chat to answer questions and book a one-on-one follow-up with someone from your sales team. It increases the conversion rate and saves a lot of time and efforts of the follow up team.
  8. Instant DiscountWhen you notice a visitor has viewed a particular product page a few times but won’t convert, delight them during the chat with an instant discount in exchange for an email address.
  9. Newsletter SubscriptionWhile chatting with a visitor who keeps coming back to view your content but is not making a purchase, suggest an online newsletter subscription instead. The marketing team can nurture them toward conversion at a later date.
  10. Shape Visitors to High-Converting PagesCreate conversion opportunities with a quick link within the chat window that leads prospects to high-converting pages (and a better chance at conversion) like Landing Page. is an all-in-one platform which guides you to successfully engage the visitors, lead them to conversions and analyses the results for future marketing strategies. It provides unlimited Push Notifications, smart and customised Chat Bots, Social Proofs, Online Surveys, Heat Maps, Landing Page, Customer Journey Builder,  Segmentation, Live Visitor Tracking and many more. The amalgamation of different features of guarantees the lowering of sales costs, multiplication of sales figures and maximum conversion rate.

Richa Raj

14 July 2020

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