Clicknurture Lead Conversion Tools : Essential guide for Digital Marketing

The success of Digital Marketing resides in a relationship build over the digital platform and derives from the commitment served through displayed content and visuals. The exact positioning of each tool is important to acquire, engage, convert and nourish the potential lead on the website. 

Likewise, the unified Sales Development process is framed to achieve synchronisation between the sales and marketing department. Customer Journey Map is created to assess each crucial signal over the buying journey of the visitor and get the inputs to further enhance the performance of marketing campaigns. 

Whether you are a start-up or established entity, the precise positioning of each tool is crucial to understand - Landing Page, Opt-ins and Live Chat. Clicknurture will highlight the meaning and when & where to use it. 

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Landing Page

A landing page is one of the essential tools to directly divert the leads to perform certain Call-to-Action after following an ad campaign, link, email and so on. It is the stand-alone page where the real selling proposition is seen by the visitor and the decision is made instantaneously. 

With Clicknurture Landing Page Builder, you can easily design one with different templates, easy drag-n-drop features and smooth integration with other analytical tools. Examples of Landing pages are: Sales pages, Webinar pages, Thank you pages, Upsell pages, Launch/promo pages and Review/Feedback Page.

Landing Page is a full-size web page wherein you get you to experiment with different typical webpage feature: Catchy headlines, content-image display, Call-to-Action Button and so on. It is primarily used to provide the least distractions to the visitors and only CONVERT the leads. You want to use a landing page while selling a product or service, analysing post-advertisement experience or need a dedicated medium to explain features.


A pop-up appears as a window when visitors click on a designated link, image, button, or text on the website. The correct understand of pop-ups and its different usage is very important in order to optimise the performance of vested time and resources. They can be used to engage visitors, capture leads, increase sales and many more.

With Clicknurture Push Notifications, you can send unlimited personalised opt-ins during the different events of the customer journey on the website. We deploy clickable and timely pop-ups to benefit marketers to speed up the process of user engagement and lower bounce rate of the website.

You can choose from various templates and modify them to suit your requirement. It can be easily integrated on our Landing Page or your existing website.

Chat Bot

Live Chats is a new way of communicating with the visitors and generate volumes of business from them. Again with Clicknurture ChatBot feature, it can be complemented to any event during Customer Journey Map and the queries of the users can be resolved in a most innovative and interactive way. 

A survey shows that 83% of online visitors need assistance while experiencing any new product or service. Live Chats give access to visitors to explore the value proposition of the product or service in order to suit their needs and preferences without any hesitation. 

The primary role of the Live Chats is to balance out the volume-quality ratio of the leads generated for the Sales Team. It has turned out to be the most cost-effective tool to not only engage the customers with the brand but also redirect them to follow desired Call-to-Action.

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Richa Raj Team

28 July 2020


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