Customer Acquisition Strategy : Meaning and Various Tools

Do the customers you are actively going after actually gain benefit from your services?

Are you acquiring new customers?


The most possible reason could simply be that your product doesn’t satisfy their needs or expectations. The things that keep the customers from being a good fit are the sales cycle length, stringent data storage, and depth-consulting.

The fact is : If you really want your customers to grow, shouldn’t you go beyond what you do to support your customers today?

The lack of clear marketing trust has made the job of marketing more challenging. The worst part is companies fail in recognizing the problem.

If you are not acquiring a fresh base of customers, you are not growing!

What can be done to tackle this problem?

How to enhance the customer’s experience of engaging with your brand?

What should be the customer acquisition strategy?

The blog is about what should be the customer acquisition strategy and how various tools can help you design a stringent customer acquisition strategy. 

The biggest question is: Is there any infallible strategy to acquire new customers?


New products and credible services and marketing efforts help in generating a reliable base of customers. 

In the simplest terms, customer acquisition can be explained as the process of gaining new customers.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is the process of growing your customer base. It is the transition of a customer from the awareness stage to the purchase decision. The cost of acquiring new customers is referred to as customer acquisition cost (CAC).

While lead generation can be automated in many ways, converting leads into paying customers requires detailed analysis and deep thinking.

Customer acquisition can be incredibly challenging in many ways:

“There are a billion emails sent by mail chimp alone.”

“There are over 2 million blog posts published each day.”

Is your business making a mark there?

Customer Acquisition Funnel

The customer acquisition strategy can be actualized by walking by the funnel below.

This is how a Customer Acquisition funnel looks like and the stages your customer pass through include:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase

As a part of the journey the customers:

  • Gain awareness about your products
  • Add your products and services to the list
  • Analyze and compare the products to your competitors
  • Decides to become a paying customer of your business

What is the first and the most important step in Customer Acquisition?

Awareness and engagement are secondary things in the customer acquisition process. What matters the most in customer acquisition is knowing your target audience.

Your messaging, addressing the pain points should be based on audience insights.

Take some time to analyze the existing customer’s behavior and demographics and develop a customer acquisition strategy based on that.

Leveraging the expertise of every social media platform, running repetitive social media campaigns to attract new customers in the hope that they will prove long-term potential clients leads to massive failure.

Why does a Customer Acquisition strategy fail?

The common reasons for the failure of Customer acquisition strategy are:

  • Targeting the wrong customers
  • Targeting customers with the wrong message
  • Distributing message through wrong channels
  • A Glitch in the proposal, pricing, and product
  • Uncovering these potential failures can help you operate more effectively and grab every opportunity.

Many firms are unaware of what the customers want. The possible reason for this can be a huge gap between customer analysis, demography, and messaging. Messaging is the most important part when it comes to customer acquisition.

 Is your message clear to entice customers?

Customer Acquisition Strategy: Various Tools

1. Target the right audience

Utilize the data collected to have informed insights on the visitors and target the right audience for your brand. Appealing the wrong ones will hardly help you turn the customer gear.

For example: Suppose your start-up offers fitness tutorials daily for a subscription charge of $2 per month. In this case, the audience of the start-up will be-the one who works out daily. This target audience could include gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes.

Click Nurture’s Survey tool, Live visitor tracking tool, Customer segmentation tool can help you leverage and segment customers and send the targeted message.

New view the actions of your visitors live and formulate insightful customer acquisition strategies according to the stage.

2. Define Your Channels

Choosing the right marketing channel is extremely important for customer acquisition. Online marketing channels that are often used for customer acquisition include-

  • Paid marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Strengthen Customer Retention

Do you know finding new customers is costlier than retaining the old ones?

Are you constantly bothered by your potential clients leaving?

It’s time to empower the customer retention strategy. Encourage them through sending enticing emails, provoke your customers to share their stories and testimonials.

You can utilize Social proof for your business:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Influence purchasing decisions
  • Convert visitors into loyal customers
  • Validated content earns 8 times engagement
  • Diminishes boundaries between the customer and business
  • Send targeted and personalized messages

Customers look forward to personal touch from the brand they engage with. The same is the case with your brand. If you want more and more customers to connect with your brand, provide them value by sending insightful, helpful, and informative personalized messages. You can leverage the power of push notifications and email marketing to send personalized messages.

Through Push Notifications you can:

  • Send a million message at a time
  • Use responsive and attractive templates to drive your message
  • Evaluate response on every click
  • The software works hassle-free on different browsers
  • Segment the customers through the customer segmentation tool and analyze the pain spot. You can design attractive and personalized push notification content to appeal to your audience at the time they are most active.

Through Customer Segmentation, you can-

  • Create unlimited segments for more targeted and engaging marketing Initiatives
  • Personalize your marketing message to appeal to the audience
  • Utilize Live chat on site

Your customer can search for your product at any hour. Are you equipped to respond just immediately?

Grant some value to your visitors instead of watching them idling their time on your website.

Furthermore, the live chat software has data that can be used for sending personalized emails like- “Hope you enjoyed reading the reading, would you like to know more about automation?”

With Click Nurture’s Chatbot, you can:

  • Lower your customer acquisition costs
  • Utilize user-friendly and dynamic interface
  • Maximize the performance of running marketing campaigns
  • Improve conversion rate with hassle-free integration
  • Ensure an 80% higher response rate

Customer acquisition requires planning and execution.

Select the right channel→ Good product fit→ Wow the customers with content→ Convert!

Be diligent in implementing long-term strategies that will help you cut on customer acquisition costs and provide high customer value. You can apply the above strategies to channelize your customer acquisition process.

Know how you can systematize the customer acquisition process and sync it with automation to turn in sales. For more information, contact Click Nurture.