Examples of Some Amazing B2B Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation. It is the first room in your virtual store where the visitors walk through the door.

What makes the visitor fill-up the form?

What makes a prospect become a permanent customer?

Landing pages.

What is a landing page? Why it is important?

Landing pages provoke your visitors to perform a specific action.  It is something that your visitors view and interact with and hence it has to be interactive and engaging.

The landing page is distinct from the webpage and the sole purpose of it is to convince visitors to perform a particular action.

A landing page with graphics, images, and videos not only attracts people but will help you make a lasting impression. The visitors may not remember what they read but they do remember what they see. 

Does your landing page solve the below purpose?

Does your landing page provide unforgettable value?

Does it solve the purpose?

And most of all, does it provoke the desired action you want the visitors to take?

If not, then there is no use in having a landing page that doesn’t convert and ultimately doesn’t adds up to your revenue.

The main purpose of the visitor is to tell the visitors exactly what you want them to do and why you should do it.

For example:

Imagine you receive a visitor from the Google AdWords campaign for one of the most important keywords. What step will you want him to take next?

  • Sign up?
  • Fill up the form?
  • Download now!
  • Register now!
  • Call us today!
  • Wondering what makes a Steller landing page?

Here are the examples!

Tips for Landing Page Conversions

  • Promote your offer in a clear and interesting way
  • Make your CTA the hero of your landing page
  • Refrain from using the same landing page for marketing
  • Try contrasting color
  • Keep the most important part on the top
  • Simplify the landing page
  • Choose different templates to suit the industry
  • Add testimonials
  • Add buttons like- request a demo, register now, now, get a free quote now, subscribe
  • Utilize the power of social proof and survey
  • B2B Landing page examples that you Can't Afford to Miss

1. Log me in Rescue

Log me in rescue provides a clear landscape for landing page experience. The content is focused on illustrating the value of the remote solution.  It provides tools for managers and technicians.

It provides:

  • Multi-session handling
  • Session transfer
  • Customer surveys
  • Custom support channels
  • Easy to use customer applet

2. Automation anywhere

Automation anywhere provides end-to-end RPA to automate any business process. The primary motive of it is lead generation through a submission form.  Making the customers submit too much information makes them leave the page. Automation anywhere offers a demo for advanced business.

It provides:

  • End to end RPA + AI platform
  • Lead generation through demo via the submission form
  • A good period of the submission form
  • Demo for advanced business

3. Alkami

Alkami provides business solutions to institutions dealing in retail and business banking. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for the customers to follow and request a demo of the software.

  • Clear and compelling brand design
  • Easy to focus on the conversion goal
  • The featured image provides a close look-up
  • Appropriate signing page

4. Armor

Armor is a wide cybersecurity business helping agencies in simplifying the insurance policies and agree to a regular framework.

  • The message on the page is clear and the users can easily request a quote.
  • Multiple contact options that are visible
  • Support numbers in the header
  • Chatbot in the bottom right corner

5. Asana

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help the teams organize, track and manage work. It is a team-based work management platform. 

  • The area above the fold contains the headline and CTA
  • Clicking the button makes the visitor land on the page with the single-field submission form
  • Details the benefits of the product being promoted
  • Provides an opportunity to the visitors with a 30-day trial

6. Slack

With robust API and 2000 applications, it provides integration that streamlines the work and automates the mundane tasks.

  • Slack platform as a collaboration hub
  • Strong social proof
  • Case studies
  • The landing page features try for free feature
  • The pricing packages

7. Hire Vue

It is a video interview software used by companies for hiring purposes.  It shares a unique approach-

  • Instead of a hero image, it features a video
  • The video seems optimized
  • Clear CTA’s
  • The landing page is lengthy and wordy
  • It highlights the number of interviews performed

8. Bizible

It is software that helps B2B companies know what will work for their business and where they should invest their efforts.

  • The Landing page draws in the viewer with a demo
  • A clear call to action
  • Notable company names
  • A demo can be requested both from the top and at the bottom of the page

9. PayScale

PayScale helps the hiring firm combine salary data with superior software utilizing AI and the advanced tools help the individuals know their worth and get paid right.

  • A Landing page is all about managing money
  • The Landing page begins by asking “what should I pay”
  • Gives insight into who they are along with catering to their requirements
  • Available research and data
  • Survey

10. Click Nurture

Click Nurture is an all-in-one automation software that assists businesses in streamlining their marketing efforts by automating the marketing process. It allows the businesses to create their well-responsive and converting landing page quickly with easy-to-use templates.

  • Features social proof
  • Asks for review of the website
  • Loads quickly
  • The top of the page features the “get started button
  • A brief overview of how automation works
  • Overview of the integration platforms it supports
  • The page highlights the mission statement and belief

These are some of the examples of the major b2b landing pages, which can help you revise landing page strategies and optimize them for increased conversions. For more information, contact Click Nurture.