How much emails are too many in email marketing?

Timing is the most crucial element when it comes to sending emails.

Sending emails at inappropriate times impacts CTR rates. Thus, it is important to know how often they should be sent.

If you are launching too many emails at a time, then you need to halt here!

According to, “69% of the users unsubscribe immediately after receiving too many emails.” That’s shocking right?

Sending emails is critical to developing a relationship with customers. But how much is too much?

Let’s Explore in the blog!

Email Frequency differs based on different parameters. 

The number of emails a business sends to its subscribers largely depends upon what you‘re offering to your customers, their behavior, and most specifically, their needs.

For example, if you sell blankets, customers are likely to pay heed in winter than in the summer season.

In opposition to it, if you are a digital marketing firm, you can send emails irrespective of the season.

So, yes, there is no specific answer as there are so many ways to determine it.

1. Timing

As the opening line says, timing is the crucial element when it comes to email marketing.

Email marketing depends upon the timing you choose to trigger your emails. Develop an email strategy based on the behavior, interests, needs, and nature of the business and send out emails when they are most active.

2. Content

The fact is nobody wants to open up to a mail that’s salesy. If you are sending too many emails at once that are too promotional, then you can easily figure out the answer to this question- How?

It can be done by analyzing the open rates and opt-outs. Monitor the company’s email activity and drive optimal email frequency for your company.

Analyze what kind of content your user does not want to see anymore. You can do so by launching a survey or poll and revise your email marketing strategy accordingly.

3. Industry

If you want to identify the frequency of emails, analyze your competitors. Nevertheless, the strategy differs depending on the need and aim of the emails. The competitors could be sending more emails since they have more subscribers. Your strategy should be customized to your subscribers' needs.

4. Audience

If you don’t have a deep understanding of your audience as to-

  • Why they subscribed to your content,
  • What they hope to get out of that content

You can’t test the frequency for the right cadence for your brand.

The key is – to add value with every content

The audience subscribes to a brand’s newsletter for these reasons:

  • Gaining knowledge
  • Remaining updated with the latest deals/ products
  • The benefit the firm provides,
  • The pain the firm solves

The fact is, “if you position yourself as a leader in your field, the audience will continue to consume your emails”

Your audience is curious to know! Are you providing ample food for their thoughts?

If your emails aren’t hitting comment or reply buttons even after sending in bulk, it is an indication that-

  • The content doesn’t excite them anymore.
  • Don’t find any base for remaining connected with the brand
  • Changed aim

Customer journey

This is the most important parameter for designing your email strategy is the customer journey. Where is your customer in the journey?

  • Is he at the learner stage?
  • Is he at the aware stage?
  • Is he looking for emails regarding updates in the field?

You need to analyze where your subscriber is in the journey and design your emails accordingly.

If you send mixed content, chances are it will increase your list of unsubscribes. To launch emails that provide maximum value, it is crucial to know your subscribers’ needs, interests, and desires.

These are some of the ways to determine the email frequency, but if your email frequency meter is still ticking then here are some tips you can try:

Still, confused? Try these Quick Tips to decide email Frequency

Give people the flexibility to unsubscribe using an email preference center
Target your list narrowly, so that you only email the things they care about the most
You can use a customer avatar for that:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What problems are they facing?
  • What solution can you provide to fix the problem?
  • What are their pain and frustrations which you can solve?
  • How your product can add value to a particular person’s life. How it can improve his status.

Try ramping up the volume of your emails once or twice a week. If you are sending weekly updates, try sending 2x weekly.

Let’s Wrap it up!

These points will surely help you analyze the right frequency for sending emails. Well, the success of an email depends on the content.

With the right message that stimulates curiosity in the right people at the right time, you won't need to worry about frequency any longer!

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