How to build a lead generation Funnel in 2021?

You have a purpose, an objective and set up a website, and are ready to tap into the potential that the internet offers and gather more leads and sales.

Am I right?

The dreadful part is- just having a website won’t fetch you leads and Neither posting on social media!


You must be unaware of the fact but you have surpassed the marketing budget than spending on developing a system to filter and nurture leads. Are you actually leveraging the power of your audience?

Is spending money blind-folded the right thing to do when all you want is qualified leads for your business?

The thing is until you know your audience the best, you aren’t going to shoot up leads.

How you are going to find the people who are ready to pay you?

Though building a sales funnel might seem intimidating to you at first, sometimes to a well-experienced marketer too.

Well, don’t worry, we will here discuss how to build a lead generation funnel for your business step-by-step!

Sounds like a plan?

Let’s get started!

  • What is a lead generation funnel?
  • Stages of lead generation funnel
  • How to build a lead generation funnel?
  • How to optimize a lead generation funnel?
  • How Click Nurture can help

What is a Lead Generation Funnel?

The lead generation funnel is a funnel that involves steps through which a prospect goes through to become a paying customer. Understanding the process behind a lead generation funnel is critical for marketers to move names and contact numbers with their critical marketing efforts.

Stages of Lead generation funnel


Ensuring a clear understanding of the lead generation funnel will help you in optimizing campaigns and ensure that every lead turns out to be a potential customer.

The lead generation funnel here may differ from what you encounter on other sites. But at the beginning stage, you can leverage the expertise of this funnel and create a good customer base.

How to build a lead generation funnel?


This is the very first step in your lead generation process.

How will anyone buy if one is not aware of the product and services you sell? Therefore, the first step you need to take is to create awareness about your products and services.

Your audience isn’t aware that you have a solution to their problem. You need to make an effort by making a presence before them.

It’s like “Are you Facing …………………... problem? Don’t worry! We have a fool-proof solution to it!”

And how you are going to do that?

By providing value to your audience.

Provide food to their curiosity as to who you are and how you can solve their problem. You can attract visitors at the awareness stage by-

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • guides
  • Social media

At the awareness stage, you need to generate maximum trust among your audience for them to engage with your brand- that is the next step in lead generation.


Your audience is aware, what next?

The second step in the lead generation funnel is engagement. Well, you have created awareness about who you are and how you can help them solve their problem.

 Focus on agitating the problems they have and the problems they are unaware about to send a targeted message across to your audience.

Getting an audience is one thing and engaging and retaining them is a totally different and challenging aspect of marketing.

Entice your aware audience further by offering a free webinar, e-book, course.

At this stage, you can engage customers by launching- blog posts regarding- tips, tools statistics, influencers, and interviews.

What your customers' desires from you?

What are their current pains and objections?

Address these issues in the engagement stage for your prospects to take the next step in the customer journey that is – Subscribe stage. (always tell them the next stage- as to what step you want them to take next?)

For example, this is a cheat sheet launched by Optimonster for writing blog posts that go viral. The content is engaging and lucrative to read. Therefore, you can launch such interactive and informational courses, e-book, infographics, videos, for free to build engagement.


Getting traffic at the engagement stage is a crucial factor. As soon people get interested in your products, they lose interest much faster.

Therefore, focus on engaging them with powerful blog posts and other engaging material. Consider posting consistently for better engagement and improving the subscribers' list.

Address their pain points in the content and encourage the customers to sign up.

Provide a solution to their problems through the content. Furthermore, if one subscribes to your e-book or blogs, you can launch a paid subscription to turn them into paying customers.

It is all about providing value and engaging the targeted audience. Make a relevant offer.


The next stage in the funnel is Convert. When the visitor reaches the bottom of the funnel, he is bound to convert and is a potential prospect.  Now, they have been nurtured about who you are and what you sell.

You are now their go-to resource, Congratulations! It’s time to nurture SALES!

The content strategy for the bottom of the funnel stage that is – CONVERSION is tailored to getting your prospects to purchase. The type of content strategy you can adopt here is:

  • Case studies
  • FAQs
  • Demos
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons

At the convert stage, you have developed a good audience, a reliable one who trusts your brand and products.

These content types will help lower the objection of the customers and help them take the much-awaited step in your business- SALES!

At the initial stages of lead generation, you can excite your audience through educational content and proceed to transactional in the later stage.

The entire lead generation process can be summed up hereby:

  • Understand your buyer persona
  • Create engaging content
  • Attract the right audience
  • Capture the information
  • Qualify the leads
  • Re-engage and Inspire Customers to return

Well, congratulations on closing the Sale! But that isn’t the end!

Many customers once active, forget about you!

That’s a hard truth!

Would you let them go? Hurry up! Grab their attention Today by sending interactive and well-engaging emails.

You need to make consistent efforts to provide value to your client and re-engage with them.

It is easier to interact and engage existing clients than acquiring fresh ones. Make a regular presence in their inbox by sending personalized emails.

Furthermore, if you are encountering inactive leads, you can send re-activation emails, re-engage them and provide value consistently.


This is an example of how you can engage your customers.

In this way, you can build a lead generation funnel.

How to optimize your Lead Generation Funnel?

Congratulations on closing your first sale but you aren’t done yet!

You need to optimize your lead generation funnel. And how can you do that?

Use the right tools and software

Using the right tools is critical to streamlining the lead generation funnel.

Having confusion or missing out on any stage of lead generation can affect the engagement, subscription, conversions, and SALES by 60%!

Therefore, following the lead generation process step-wise-step is critical.

Eliminate roadblocks to lead generation, Capture Qualified leads with Click Nurture.

Click Nurture Can help you streamline the lead generation process by providing you a set of user engagement, lead generation, and conversion optimization tools:

Promote user engagement

By triggering automated emails, you can re-engage with your customers with an enticing offer. Re-engaging is an important part of lead generation. 

Social proof helps you in affecting the visitor’s buying decision. With click nurture, you can launch social proof in real-time. It is something that could immediately trigger an action.

Push notifications help you in triggering messages and acquaint your customers with the updated discounts, products offering at the time they are most active.

Have you thought about reaching a million people at a time? Rationalize it now! Just drag and drop!

Leverage the power of Conversion Optimization Tools

The Customer journey tool helps you in noticing and keeping a track of the visitor interaction with your brand online. It helps in leveraging useful insights regarding behavior change.

With Click Nurture’s User-session Replay tool you can review the user session and modify the strategy for enhancing the user experience.

Furthermore, by using customer segmentation and surveys, you can filter qualified leads willing to purchase from you.

A Landing page is one of the most important components when it comes to lead generation. Is your landing page optimized and responsive for flooding sales?

A smooth and well-interactive landing page converts well. Create optimized, and conversion-optimized landing page with Click Nurture and boost sales like never before.

Experimenting is the key to innovation and providing the best personalized and smooth user experience.

Your audience is changing, you need to shift your strategy as well.

Experiment with different types so content and watch the conversion funnel turning in your favor!

Are you Ready to Revise the Sales by 8X?

This is how a conversion funnel works!

Forget about complex integrations, security issues, and ineffective tools. Don’t let infectivity affect your SALES gear! Make a promising investment!

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