How to create an email automation series for maximizing conversions


The first and foremost aim for any business is conversions.

Major pain is- constantly writing emails for subscribers

Auto-response email is a wonderful way of engaging customers quickly and reassuring them that you have received their request and will get back shortly. Convert right when they are most interested in email automation.

For keeping the subscribers connected you need an email automation series. But how to create an email automation series?

That’s exactly what the blog covers.

The blog states how to create an email automation series for maximizing conversions(step-by-step)

What is the email automation series?

An email responder series is a set of emails that are automatically sent to a specific part of the audience who have subscribed to your newsletters. The email sequence can differ based on the action a visitor took on your website like:

  • Join the newsletter
  • Signed-up for the webinar
  • Abandoned shopping cart
  • Downloaded a cheat sheet/template
  • Purchases a product
  • How to create an email automation series that maximizes conversions?

The primary things before creating an automation series are:

  • Content of the emails
  • When the emails will be sent
  • Who the email will be sent to?

Walking by these will help you create a specific email response that will trigger more conversions. Furthermore, it will help you build a reward for loyal customers.

Let’s now discuss it step by step way of creating email automation series.

Step 1- Have a clear aim

Firstly, it is important to have a clear aim as to why you are creating the email automation series. Generally, these are the primary aims for creating the series.

  • To improve email open rates
  • Develop a relationship with your subscribers
  • Following up with the fresh contacts
  • Granting the deal, you offered as a lead magnet
  • Segmenting subscribers

Once you know why you are creating the email automation series, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2- Understand the factors that affect open rate

Before developing your email automation series, think about the factors that help in improving open rates. A subscriber opens an email for the following reasons:

  • Find a connection with the name of the brand
  • Enticing subject lines
  • The topic of the mail

Factors that affect open rates are:

  • Subject lines
  • Title of the mail
  • Promise
  • Value

Subject lines matter a lot in emails. Here are the tips to create an enticing one:

  • Keeps your subject line short (6-10 words) (ensures high open rate)
  • Design a relevant subject line

Step 3- Send a welcome mail

Once a visitor subscribes to your email, it demands of you to send an instant response thanking the person subscribed. If a person has subscribed, that means he is interested in listening more from you in the future.  Sending a good welcoming email will help you seal the deal and gain the trust of your subscribers.

Step 4 – Address the pain points

Discuss how a particular problem needs to be solved and how your product can help in solving that pain.

For example- if an HR firm is not getting the desired revenue and their main challenge is responding and taking follow-ups manually. Discuss how important it is to cater to every candidate for maximizing the revenue of the firm and how your product befits the situation. For example, in this regard, A software firm can help solve the problem by providing him email automation solution.

Step 5- Share useful resources

Send resources that your subscribers may find useful. You are familiar with what your users are looking for. Share guides, checklists, e-books, launch a webinar stressing their fears and design a mail accordingly. For example:

I wanted to ensure {Webinar Name} does not slip out of your mind! I am excited to have you join us at the webinar. Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy these resources around the topic: 

- {List resources}

P.S: Don't worry about missing out on your session. We will email you your personal link 30 minutes before the talk is due.


{Your Name}

You can decide the type of content you will be sharing :

  • An e-course (share a new lesson every day)
  • A series of how-to guides (provide value for something the user is interested in)
  • Series of promotions and offers (if you gave them a hint, this can work wonder)
  • Helpful content and related promotions (information along with discount going on a product)

Step 6- Nurture your goal

Check whether you achieved your goal of running an automated email sequence properly? The automated follow-up content should : 

  • Position you as the best
  • Differentiates you from the competition
  • Communicate the value you provide
  • Establishes trust and nurtures it
  • Educates

Always remember, prospects want to see what they consider as important to look for. Thus, don’t be afraid to list or reiterate important points even if they miss an email or five.

And that’s it. You just unlocked the deal to create an email automation series for maximizing conversions. Connect with the visitor at every step and provide value. Create an automated list that your subscribers enjoy.

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