How to generate leads with digital marketing in 2021?

You know B2B lead generation can be challenging if you market your services to other businesses.

It is all about adopting the right technique to stand out from the pack.

B2B lead generation aims at building long-term relationships with prospects and staying on the top of their minds. So, when they are ready to make purchases, your brand is the first thing that strikes them.

Let’s now explore the most important lead generation strategies for 2021:

Lead Generation Strategies 2021

1. Utilize intent for personalized Outreach

“What your prospect is thinking right now?

“What is he searching for online?”

Ensuring a grip on the buyer’s intent is critical for tailoring your marketing strategies. With PERSONALIZATION gaining the center space, personalized outreach has become the most popular trend in lead generation. A customer only buys from those to whom he relates well.

Utilize the Live visitor tracking tool and analytics to understand how many times a visitor has visited your website and understand his behavior. Predict the intent and the future move. If he has visited 5 times in a month, he is interested.  Utilize your buyer’s data to generate good leads in 2021.

2. A shift from product to customer-centric marketing

Launching a company-centric marketing campaign sounds artificial akin to a bot. Make the customer the hero of your story. Design, strategize and launch campaigns that lie in the best interest of the customers.

According to a source, New York Times, “An average user sees around 5000 ads a day!” The ads can be anywhere, YouTube, email, Instagram, Facebook Etc.”

Brands that develop strategies for undertaking the pains, frustrations their audience is facing are more likely to become popular among the audience.  So, the focus should be on launching customer-centric marketing campaigns in 2021 than product-centric.

3. High-quality content marketing

The key here is in producing and sending the right kind of content to your audience. 2021 is all about how well the subscribers relate to your content and find it useful. For delivering value at every step of conversion, create newsletters, e-books, whitepapers, videos, and podcasts.

These are some types of content marketing that the audience finds interesting. Continuously revise your content marketing strategies and refrain from sending the same type every time to your subscribers.

According to CSO insights, “70% of B2B prefers self-education in the early stage of the buying process.”

  • Create in-depth guides in 2021
  • Add dynamic CTA
  • Launch webinars
  • Segment your content strategy

4. Use Exit Intent Pop-ups

User exit Intent pop-up appears when a user is about to leave your site.  With this, you have to be very strategic as to whom you want to see it. For example: If a user has already engaged with your brand and is a customer now, then you no longer need to present him this pop-up.

In contrast to this, if a user is exploring your product pages, then you can launch it before the user leaves the site. You can design your pop-up by offering some free valuable resource like- a guide, a newsletter subscription, or an e-book.

5. Target your competitor’s keyword on Google Ads

It is the best strategy if you want to generate quality leads quickly. This technique is only beneficial in the situation where your competitors have already figured out the leading keywords that generate traffic and create good brand awareness. Furthermore, you can use the SEMrush Advertising tool to know your competitor’s keywords.

For generating leads in 2021, you can implement these strategies. Contact Click Nurture for more.