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How To grow Your Business after COVID -19?

Are you encountering fluctuating growth in business after COVID-19?

COVID-19 has impacted businesses worldwide. But is it the end of the world?

Will you continue to survive with the Sales graph hitting the rock bottom, slashing product demand, and low foot-traffic?

Such unpredictable occurrences will continue to alarm you. Is your business ready to boom amidst the hassle?

How about reversing the scenario by nurturing more sales in unexpected times? Yes, you can!

“How many customers do you plan to get by this year-end?”

“What is your targeted revenue goal?”  

With so much on the platter, from management to sales, can you generate exemplary Sales in Crisis?

Yes, why NOT?

you can achieve your targeted revenue in as little as 6 months!

No, we are not boasting! We’ve delivered!

Read the blog!

Major Challenges faced by the businesses during uncertain times

With businesses crashing sales worldwide, the small business owners are facing the harshest blow of COVID-19. In such an uncertain time, it becomes hard to-

  • Keep a track of revenue
  • Retain good employees
  • Know the exact need of the customers
  • Meet expectations of the customers
  • Retain customers
  • Paying off debts
  • Balancing growth and quality

According to a report, “finding new customers was the most common challenge reported in COVID 19. And the second most common challenge was finding new customers for the business.”

In these uncertain times, your customers look forward to:

  • how you can help them solve the current situation?
  • How you can help them overcome the problem.
  • Is what you offer matches their current need and demand?

We humans have a natural tendency of eliminating. We eliminate unnecessary stuff and listen to only what matters!  Your customers do the same thing! ELIMINATE!

No matter how good your products are, if you aren’t making a presence before a wide customers range, you don’t exist

Do you wish to get eliminated or lead the race? The choice is yours!

Is your business heeding to what a customer wants? Crisis or no crisis, for a business to prosper online, it needs to deliver what a customer expects from the brand.

Turn shifting Customer preferences into an Opportunity

In this era of financial crunch, fluctuating customer behavior and preferences, imbalance in demand and supply, fear and confusion, how are you going to target your audience?

Critical times like COVID-19 tests a business’s potential to retain existing clients.

Losing one or 2 clients is bearable but what if it becomes a phenomenon?

There is no indispensable loss other than losing a potential client for your business.

Slashed sales and revenue hitting the rock bottom is the greatest nightmare.

But the question is- can you avoid it? Yes, you can!

According to a report by Later, “after COVID-19’s disastrous impact, the small businesses are turning to the online mode of marketing.”   Furthermore, the demand for using online tools for generating and maximizing sales has surged up.

The reverse side of this is, small business owners, face challenges like:

  • Lack of resources to carry out a marketing plan
  • Lack of guidance; as to where to begin from
  • Not enough time to do marketing tasks

What if you can eliminate every roadblock to nurturing sales seamlessly?

Your competitors are multiplying sales by 8X in this period of uncertainty by leveraging the power of internet marketing. Are you still waiting for the store footfall?

There is a famous quote-

“Success Comes to You when you are Ready”

If you will wait for the magic to happen, it will never happen until you begin!

Stop gifting your competitors what’s yours!

So, are you ready to level-up with the next gear marketing? Let’s begin!

Deliver Exactly What your customer wants

The biggest challenge for a business is to predict what a customer wants?

As a small business owner, you must have encountered a million queries regarding a product or services. If you will analyze these deeply, you will know what a customer wants.

Do you install new products every month in your store?

Are you satisfied with the outcome?

There is no fun in spending on manufacturing products that your customers are least interested in. It will not only affect your reputation but future sales too!

Why stake your reputation by launching products blindfolded when you can deliver exactly what a customer wants?

Yes, you can!

Stop assuming! Increase your sales by delivering exactly what a customer wants!

Click Nurture provides you the opportunity to launch insightful surveys and grant you the opportunity to know your audience preference better!

By asking the right questions to your people online, you can gain insight into the on-going trends, the customer’s present demands, requirements and align your product or service strategy accordingly.

Improve your Sales potential by 80%; Leverage the power of online marketing

  • Do you ever get confused about why a customer didn’t turn up the next time?
  • Do you ever wonder why a particular product is gaining a good response and vice-versa?

What if a customer land at your shop and found it shut? (You lost a potential customer here!)

Do you ever get astonished when you hardly encounter any sale?

These are some of the situations you face on daily basis.

What’s the solution to these problems?

Will you continue to lose potential customers and settle for less than 80% of what you could have nurtured?

No, it’s time to convert each visitor! It is time to Sell!

Multiply Sales by 8x easily with the next level marketing

How about keeping a track of everything and knowing when to switch strategies?

Click Nurture provides you a platform to streamline everything from engaging potential leads to generating sales. You can systematize everything with just a click. It helps you in overcoming roadblocks and gaps in marketing by providing you a well-designed framework for nurturing sales with responsive tools. Each tool can be seamlessly integrated with others for you to grant the next best move to your customer in the customer journey.

Click Nurture’s Customer journey, live visitor tracking tool, user session replay, and Survey tools to help you know your customer better by granting important insights.

Thus, streamlining the customer-oriented marketing approach can help you generate more sales.

Furthermore, Customer journey and customer segmentation tools help in classifying the audience and segment them into groups. Thereafter, you can launch targeted messages, emails, and marketing campaigns to interact with your clients.

Live visitor tracking tool, allows you to track the customer’s presence on the website. What else you need when you can watch where exactly the customer is scrolling?

Click Nurture’s set of conversion, engagement, and lead generation tools will help you systematize the sales and marketing process and generate qualified leads for your business online. It will help you anticipate the actions of your customers, launch targeted campaigns, emails, and notifications for re-targeting your customers. It ensures you never miss out on engaging with your potential prospects. And this is just the glimpse!

No technical expertise needed, no higher expenses, generate 8X sales with this selling machine!

Now is the time to ditch traditional modes of marketing and switch to the next gear – Online marketing automation!

Your competitors are utilizing the platform. If not now then when?

 Hurry Up and lead the race!

Contact Click Nurture Today and know how you can maximize your sales even in uncertain times!