How to improve quality of your emails ?

Get more people to act on your message!

Getting your email noticed among the big guns is altogether a challenging deal.

If you are looking forward to writing high-performing emails that get clicked, then you are at the right spot.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how to write an email that shares good open rates and CONVERT. 

What makes an email successful?

It is not the offer, not the product, not the discount but, the overall structure of the blog that decides the success rate of an email.

Let’s quickly explore elements that YOU SHOULD’NT MISS including while creating an email.

1. Use a familiar name

The first thing that the subscriber sees after receiving an email is the sender’s name. So how do you optimize this part of the email that improves open rates by 30%?

How do you feel when you receive emails from well-known blog sites like Marketing Land or HubSpot? You immediately open it!

Thus, if you include a name that the receiver could relate well with the sender’s name, you could eventually improve the open rates.

For example, I would rather love to see” BuzzFeed” than “Dan Oshinsky” as the sender’s name. I connect better with Buzzfeed and thus will immediately open the mail.

2. Short and Crisp Subject line

The subject line is the major factor that decides the success rate of an email. Here’s how to create a subject line:

  • Keep it short within 6-7 lines
  • To-the point
  • Do not use any diverting words like FREE, DISCOUNT, SALES
  • Simple font, not the heavy text

Regardless of the optimization strategy, make sure to improve the right words to gain maximum attention from your subscribers.

3. Write a compelling Pre-header text

The pre-header text is a short summary that follows the subject line. Preheader text decides whether the subscriber will open the email or not.

How to write a good pre-header text?

  • It should be relevant to the subject line
  • Create curiosity
  • Keep it under 55 characters
  • Personalize it

Here is an example of Grammarly pre-header text:

  • Subject: Psst. We’ve something for you but it’s a secret.
  • Pre-header text: You’re a real winner and we’ve got another badge to prove it!

Subscribers loved to be appreciated and cared for! This email shares a 60% of open rate! Thus, creating a compelling pre-header text goes a long way in establishing your brand.

4. Content that excites and compels to click

Your tightly designed subject and pre-header text efforts will go down the drain if your content is not good. Good content is not always about using the fanciest words to please your subscribers but explaining the offer, or the product in the simplest layman language. Highlight the major benefit regarding the subject of your mail.

What drives engagement is – simple, powerful, and useful content that solves a problem and improves the lifestyle. Gain insight into the customer’s pain point and design your content in the most personalized way. It will elicit a response.

5. Powerful CTAs (Call to actions)

What actions do you want your customers to take? This is the most important step in email marketing as it creates a bridge from a mail to a landing page or website.

Here you need to be clever with the words! Set your CTA according to the major benefit of your email subject:

For Example:

Subject: Convert every lead coming your way! Join the webinar now!

CTA: Yes, I want to register!

Common friction words include:

  • Download
  • Apply
  • Order
  • Submit

Apart from that, you can use these words that a user can’t help but click!

  • Try for free
  • Sign-up for free
  • Join free for a month
  • Send me specials now!
  • Claim your free trial

CTAs are aimed at creating a sense of urgency and share good CLICK THROUGH RATE if used the right one.

6. Refrain from using Spam filters

Congratulations, you have made it to the most important point- that’s the spam filter. If you forget about evading the spam filters, all your efforts until now will go in vain. To avoid, spam filler, ensure not to use any fillers or spam words like, free or buy. Else, it will land directly in the spam folder. Do you want that?


Avoid using these and re-evaluate the copy before clicking the send button.


Although these points will surely help you in designing a good email, you need to be conscious of the tone you are using. The whole email copy should feel like an informal conversation between buddies. The more you personalize the copy, the better returns you get.

Don’t forget to share your views and contact Click Nurture for further assistance.