How to increase online sales from the website?

Online sales have been the primary objective of any digital business. Every business has it's the target audience, inbound-outbound marketing strategies, the right personnel resources and healthy competition. Gauging sales via online medium is a game-changer for many and still a mystery riddle for others.

It’s critical to achieve the desired first sales online with the associated unpredictable dynamics of the web, but with the right knowledge and right combinations of marketing strategies you keep on improving your funnel by not only adding new customers but also retaining old ones.

yesLet's explore the different ways of multiplying sales figures through your existing website:

⇒Perfect Landing Page

Landing page should always be in sync with your home page objectives. It should be backed with catchy headlines, precise information, least distractions, optimised content-image ratio and self-guided Call-to-Action. Keep the campaigns, goal and Landing page in line with each other to get the best results.

⇒Display Testimonials, User reviews and Subscriber counts

Clear display of Testimonials, User reviews and Subscriber counts works great in building trust and confidence on both new and old customers. Testimonials with photographs, star rating by online users and number of current subscribers are some of the ongoing ways to create an edge over clients.

⇒Personalised Communication 

Use of personalised message in terms of Push notifications, Social Proof, emails, online surveys to keep users re-engaged with the website is another way to remain active in users mind. This builds the sense of belongingness with the brand and helps in promoting long term relationship.

⇒Live Chat

Live chat has not only been successful in balancing volumes-quality leads but also supports in breaking the online buying concerns in many ways. With a bot handing and answering queries of a user gives the user freedom and space in testing the product or service at its own pace. The longer the time user spent on the site in finding its solution, the higher is the probability of conversions.

⇒Free trials or Demo

Always offer free trials or demos of the service to keep the visitor interested and maintain touch with the website. Further, customise the trial period on the basis of customer lifecycle on the website, need and interest.

⇒Create buyers personas

Building informed segments of the potential clients based on demography, purchasing behaviour, needs, expectations, recommendations, likes-dislikes and so on goes a long way to support marketers in customising digital advertising campaigns to boost online sales.

⇒Highlight Value proposition

The value proposition should be the first thing that visitors see on your homepage, but it should also be visible at all major entry points to the site. The mere absence of proposed benefits will divert the incoming sales to other sites. So always take care to mark the benefits and redirect it to perform the desired Call-to-Action.

⇒Engage visitors

The best way to keep interested awaken in your product is to keep them engaged through free trials, newsletters, webinars, online tutorials, blogs and so on. The direct emphasis on buying often created doubts and lead to loss of potential leads.

⇒Recommend offers

The best way to do this is to choose one plan and openly recommend it. Provide a reason why you think it’s the best for the user, and watch it become the most-purchased option.

⇒Scope for improvisation

Always keep your website layout, content, images and technical support updated as per changing technology. Newness in terms of the user interface is very much important to keep users re-engaged with the updates and other offerings. 

⇒Ease in payment and shipping process

Well trusted seals at checkout page along with the flexible option for shipping process seriously affects the sales numbers. Keep all the delivery options self-explained and transparent in terms of costing and time involved to avoid future troubles.

enlightenedIf you’re working to increase online sales, you need to start trying techniques by either focus on conversions or driving traffic. Now it’s time for you to come up with some new and creative ways to market products and services on your website.

Richa Raj Team

23 July 2020

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