Power Customer Personalisation with Website Automation

If you would ask any random person, will he prefer the website which deals on a personal level or the one with automated practices?

One thing is certain- He is not going to choose robots!  

A good experience is never forgotten and if your customer has experienced the same, he will definitely return for more.

How to guess whether the experience is good or average?

You can do so by answering these-

“Are the website visitors taking the desired action?”

“Do the customers return for exploring the fresh arrivals?”

“Are you encountering a whopping increase in traffic, engagement, and form-filling?”

If yes, then congratulations you are on the right track to delivering customer satisfaction by personalizing the experience.

In opposition to this, you stand a great risk of losing your customers to your competitors.

Customers look forward to more human interaction. Companies that go overboard on automation leave a detached impression on the customers.

“Suppose a customer adds a product in the cart on an apparels website and leaves without purchasing the item. The company sends a reminder email to the customer citing the product he added to the cart”.

Automated email reminder doesn’t end there, you can send additional reminders to customers who viewed the mail but didn’t browse the link.

Automation is indeed an elixir for your business.

Eliminate the barrier to customer-business relationships and re-engage with your customers by sending a targeted and personalized impression.

Now you can convert every visitor into a customer, with the power of automation + personalization.
The blog discusses how you can empower customer personalization with automation.

How this can be done easily?

Through automation.

Automation helps in segregating the customers according to the action performed on the website and helps you send relevant and personalized targeted emails to each of them as a form of re-engagement.

On-site personalization is a great way to impart a message that you care for your audience and their needs. You can entice your customers with an enticing offer before they leave the website. You can trigger the message when they are about to leave the page. Your message could include an avoidable offer that will provoke the customer to submit the email.

 For example:

Coca-Cola launched its famous “share a coke” campaign in Australia in 2014. It was an effort to reach the millennials with each bottle imprinted with the most popular first names like “brother”,” sister”, “better half”, etc.  The idea won the hearts. The aim was to customize each segment of the audience and appeal personally.

Wonder if personalization can appeal to the emotional nerve, what if it gets coupled with automation?

Leverage the power of automation to create a seamless personalized experience for your customers online and boost your business graph by 400%.

Why personalisation is necessary for your business?

Personalization has always been the keyword for businesses online. But the focus hasn’t been enough to support the importance of it.

No, you don’t have to send hand-written letters to your customers!

It is much more to the traditional approach.

Here is why personalization is important for your business:

1. Boosts engagement

It is assumed that the longer a visitor stays on the site, the more likely he is to convert. Personalization helps in connecting with the audience in the segment. As human beings, the customers are likely to engage with something they relate to.

Do your customers leave after exploring a product?

You can utilize the power to retarget that customer by showing offers related to the product, sharing interesting information, or blog related to the product. You can improve his experience doing so.

2. Boosts Conversion rate

There is no denial in the fact that personalized experiences help in boosting customer acquisition.

Can you imagine the trick to boosting engagement by 400% lies within your capacity?


Here is how you can.

You can engage the first-time visitor in real-time with a compelling call to action and deal of the day in the most personalized way.

3. Keep your customers coming back for more

Concerning the question, I asked in the beginning-

 “Do they return for exploring the fresh arrivals?”

Like attracting new customers, retaining the previous ones is equally important.

Will you research and send each email manually?

Of course not!

Automation fills the gap here. It helps you create and trigger million automated mails at once. Customer retention walks on familiarity and relationship.to retain the customers the brands need to adopt a broader view of personalization.

“Good personalization is talking customers about something they want to talk about.”

These are the ways in which you can improve the experience of your visitors and provide value.

Now let’s move on to how automation can assist the personalization efforts in an online business.

How to Empower Customer Personalization with Automation

Marketing Automation is the game-changer. It allows you to manage, execute and automate marketing tasks and processes.

How about nurturing leads and boosting engagement without indulging in creating campaigns, attending to customer’s alerts, and responding to them manually.

Yes, all of these can be automated.

However, automation is aimed at enhancing personalization, it can result in impersonal communications devoid of human touch.

“How will you reach the audience without losing on the personal touch?”

“creating personalized campaigns, emails, notifications, follow back is indeed a lot on the platter. “What if you can automatize everything and launch it with a single click?”
This is where the best combination of Automation and personalization kicks in.

Here is how you can leverage the best of the combination (Customer Personalization+ Automation):

1. Email marketing

Emails are a critical aspect of engaging with your old and fresh customers. If you have an announcement to make, or an offer to launch, will you be informing the customers by sending the emails separately?

It can cause inefficiency and you may miss out on the customers for sending the mails.

In that condition, automation fills the gap-

You can create the email and send it in the respective segment.

Click nurture email automation help you to:

  • By triggering meaningful responses
  • Drag and drop integrate features
  • Can be integrated with other user engagement campaigns
  • Create attractive emails by choosing from a wide range of templates
  • Automate time-based emails

2. Push Notifications

You must have come across a pop-up while doing some usual stuff on your device, this is push notifications.

Push notifications are the smartest way to engage with a million audiences at a single time. You can trigger a push notification with just a click at the time when your audience is most active.

It will take them to the offer you have posted about.

Do you have push notifications installed on your website?


Then you are losing upon the opportunity of interacting with millions in a single shot.

Yes, that’s true!

It is time to make a presentation before a million audiences at once and increasing sales.

No, with Click Nurture, it is nothing about complicated installation and management.

With Click Nurture you get:

  • Choose from multiple templates to compliment your need
  • Cost-effective
  • Unlimited personalized opt-ins
  • Integrate push notifications with lively interactive mediums
  • Measurable results
  • Trigger automated message based on user behaviour
  • Real-time reporting

3. Chatbot

Have you ever interacted with a robot-like structure that pops up at the right of your screen?

Yeah, we all have.

It is a chatbot.

“do you have a plan for attending late-night customer queries?”

Not yet,

Then it’s bad news!

Hurry up! Leverage the power of chatbot to revolutionize the business and turn your sales like never before.

If you wish to attend to the customer’s query the minute it hit the inbox, then chatbot is the best technology to invest in. It helps you attend to the queries of the customers within seconds according to the pre-defined framework that it is calibrated with.

Chatbot helps in improving traffic and engagement on the site.

Here are the common challenges that businesses face with chatbots.:

  • Complex installation
  • Do not support all platforms
  • NLP limitations

With Click Nurture you can:

  • Create a chatbot with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Simple integration with excellent performance
  • Live chat platform with customized instructions
  • Higher response rate
  • Integration with different platforms
  • Personalized and varied conversation options

Click Nurture focus on minimizing the complexity involved with chatbot installation and aims at improving the user experience with glitch-free and smooth chatbots.

The key to accelerating input lies in aligning people and technology. Improve user experience by using these automatic tools and watch the numbers mount.

For further information, contact Click Nurture.