Saas Customer Journey Map : Best practice for Best results

The Customer Journey is the process where buyers go through the stages from becoming aware of, evaluating, and purchasing a new product or service. The meaning and considerations of every stage are different for different companies, however, the result remains the same. 

The old methods of inbound and outbound marketing strategies, no doubt, lay the foundation of many success stories today but with Saas business development plans. The new, dynamic and reformed SaaS Marketing Journey comes with eye-opening announcements that are needed to strategically market a SaaS product within each stage of the subscription customer’s journey.

Here comes the role of customer journey mapping, by outlining this journey one can create clear touch-points, approach and content more specifically to the different journey milestones that potential customers are searching within and ultimately drive and convert more qualified leads.

Customer journey maps are a strategic tool to communicate across your organization to show how users interact with your product and service. By settling down an elaborated version of information into a clearly stated event journey map, it becomes much simpler to get an understanding of the complexity of the customer journey and reach a shared understanding.

Also, Customer journey models also define the targeted information which needs to be tracked, monitored and synchronised across all your marketing campaigns tools so that every effort and team is focussed on dedicated end result.

enlightenedThere’s no single methodology for creating a Saas customer journey map, but there are some general guidelines to make sure the validity and credibility are profitable.

yesHere is the basic guideline to get started with your customer journey map:

Understanding your customer 

Customer Segmentation is the best way to get closer to potential customers and serve the needed solution based on the analysis of different segments. Build your Customer Segmentation using Clickurture Segmentation attribute. It helps you to group the target market on the basis of buying behaviour, interest, demography, needs, lifestyle, profession and so on.

Map out your life cycle stages and customer journey touchpoints

Now is the time to create your own framework of customer journey map by diving into the audience mind and creating a mind tree for every possible need, barrier and opportunity. For example:

  • What are their needs, desires, expectations, and concerns for each of those points? How are these actions and expectations driving their behaviour?
  • How does their experience shift as they move through the life cycle? Do their needs and expectations are met or not and why? How can we nurture these changes?
  • What are my opportunities for generating more trust and building a stronger relationship with the customer?

Clicknurture equips you to dig deeper into an understanding of customers unpredictability by Online Survey Builder, Live Customer Tracking and Heat Maps

Align your customer’s goals with your stages and touchpoints

While figuring out the perfect customer journey map attributes, you might discover that there are gaps in your website, marketing campaigns and deliverables that cause most of your visitors to leave instead of making a purchase. Or perhaps your visitors don’t resonate with your marketing messages. Or that they aren’t satisfied with your delivery method or the quality of your products or services. Now it's time to align customer goals with different performing actions on the journey map.

Tools like personalised Push Notifications, Social Proofs, implementation of customised live chat platform and Landing Page has proved cost-effective methods to not only generate quality leads but also nurture it for long term association. The all-in-one platform of Clicknurture Analytics Platform provides each essential tool to perfectly synchronise with needs of different elements of Saas Customer Journey Map.

Identify and fix the current gaps and misalignments

A successful customer journey map is the one which gives you insights that can help to inform all sorts of inbound and outbound strategies, from improving your website to tweaking your content and marketing efforts to creating all-around better experiences for your customers.

Richa Raj Team

20 July 2020

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