Social Proof Marketing : Meaning, Examples and Benefits

According to a common psychology fact:

“When we own something, we tend to value it more highly. If we have to sell it, we want more than it is worth.”

In the light of this-

How does your audience decide what to click, share and purchase?

What is something that can convince a visitor to conduct a purchase instantly?

How can you boost sales by 300%?

Marketing is all about knowing your customers to the core and solve their problems through a failproof solution.  A visitor land at your website with a purpose but apart from that, he looks for confirmation.

The blog will discuss the confirmation in detail.

Can you influence customer behavior online?

Yes, definitely! Here is how!

The blog discusses how you can influence customer behavior online and generate 5x sales instantly.

What is Social Proof?

Have you ever purchased a product after being recommended by someone else? It was a positive social review that persuaded you to conduct a purchase.

Do you know what made you purchase the product instantly?

A genuine review by a real person.

Entrepreneurs and clever brands have realized that social proof offers huge growth potential and thus use various tactics to influence a customer’s behavior online.

Let’s suppose, you are walking down a street and stumble across a restaurant that is bustled with customers. Your immediate reaction to it is “I think the restaurant serves good food.”

This demonstrates the importance of social proof. You got drawn towards the product because you saw other customers engaging with it. You saw them engage with the restaurant and thought it might be popular in the area.

So, what will be your review of the restaurant?

Yes, similar to other people in the restaurant.

Thus, Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where the website visitors replicate the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a certain manner.

Influence the customer behavior online and flood-in sales without taking pains!

What are different types of Social Proofs?

There are various types of social proofs. For example:

  • An influencer‘s approval
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • User testimonials
  • Business credentials
  • Case studies
  • Trust icons
  • Data
  • Wisdom of friends
  • Wisdom of crowd

Examples of Social Proof Marketing


The user site Yelp is designed to help the users find the best restaurant, places to shop and drink in an area. The users leave reviews which help the others get useful insight about the places.



The below image shows the reviews on CNET regarding the MacBook. The reviews here are posted by the industry experts as well as the customers which grants it a layer of reliability.

Click Nurture

Click Nurture is a platform that offers automated marketing solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses. The below image shows what happens when you install social proof on your website. (Susan’s review)

When a visitor visits the website, what catches the sight is the social proof that immediately appears on the screen. It affects the purchasing decision to a great extent.

Celebrity Social Proof

What happens when you watch a celebrity flaunt an amazing thing?

You get attracted to it, right?

It is called celebrity social proof.

For example: The below image shows a Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg about I Grill’s thermometer crashed the product website within an hour of posting it. The website hit 1000 visitors immediately due to social proof.

The interesting fact about the story is the company, I Grill’s CEO Christopher Allen said that the app downloads exploded after a mere mention and raised the awareness about the product a million-fold.

Real-time Insights

Real-time insights are the best way to attract good sales. It acquaints the visitor of the activity that is recently done by a previous visitor or a customer. According to the psychological fact, the visitors are moved by something that instantly appears before them and grants them a good reason to engage with the brand.

Here the Trustpulse, website page shows a visitor named Jaylin signed up for Trust Pulse 18 hours ago.

“What will you do if you come across such a notification?”

Obviously, will explore the website to know more about the services in detail.

Thus, real-time insights have proven to be the best strategy in influencing customer behavior online and generate trust among the new customers or website visitors.

Wouldn’t you like to leverage the power of real-time insights? 


So, these are some examples of how social proof works. Now let’s explore the benefits of social proof for your business online.

Why Your Business Needs Social Proof?

Having said all this, do you still wish to go on with the ongoing marketing strategies?

What if the visitor visits the website and leaves without engaging?

What if the visitor finds the product convincing but leaves in confusion?

Your competitors are engaged in attempting the best to attract potential customers, don’t make their deal easy!

Do you want to lose your customers to your competitors?

Well, of course not!

When applied to marketing, the social proof work as “The product/service has worked for others who are in a similar situation, so it will work for me”

Still not convinced?

Here are some of the benefits of social proof:

Benefits of Social Proof

When shopping online, you can’t touch the items before purchasing them, It is because of this, social proof has become ever more important. 

1. Creates Awareness

Suppose you are scrolling Instagram and come across a feed that discusses a product. You visit the page and find in detail about it with supporting testimonials.

It will not only help you know about the product but also the reason why it is being liked by nearly every customer who purchases it.

Thus, social proof helps in creating awareness about the products and fuels up the marketing efforts for a business online.

2. Generates Reliability 

One of the most amazing benefits of social proof is it helps in generating reliability in your products and services. As I discussed above, a customer is standing on the verge of purchase, he just needs a push to fulfill the desired action.

Social proof acts as a push that convinces a visitor into becoming a permanent customer.

3. Power of relatability 

It is a popular belief that a visitor or a prospect connects better with a brand with which it relates. Similarly, if a social proof discusses a solution to a problem that your customer is facing for a long, what do you think?

Of course, he is likely to convert!

It is a psychological effect. We get convinced when we see the results. Thus, if a prospect finds the problem relatable, he is bound to contact you for the solution.

4. Highlights you as a subject matter expertise

Standing out of the crowd is what your business desires in a pack full of competitors. Thus, shedding light on the tenure help you gain limelight among the customers. It helps the customer gain insight into how you remain updated with the trends, changes, and possibilities of current happening. Thus, it helps you gain trust and grant you the opportunity to dominate the space as an expert.

So, this is how your business can benefit from social proof.