Social Proof Marketing : Meaning, Examples and Benefits

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon where people will adapt to the actions of the masses. It is believed that since so many other people behave in a certain way, it must be worth following.

Studies show 92% of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase. Infact any product reviews are 12-times more trusted than product descriptions and sales copy from sellers. Or consumers want proof from  some unbiased third party, not the companies selling the products or services .

The best way to understand the social proof is by looking at social proof examples in real-life that you are a part of on a daily basis.

  • Restaurants People waiting outside any restaurant is a sign of high demand. It automatically creates curiosity and spreads brand awareness.
  • Stores Celebrity or television endorsement of any product or service of a store creates a buzzword for the place.
  • Electronics gadgets Purchase of these products highly depended upon reviews from early birds buyers.

In other words, Social proof is not new and we all have been part of it. The integration of social proof tools with digital marketing has proved to turn wonders by diverting more traffic on the website, creating brand awareness and getting more lead conversions. 

yesLet's understand the types of Social Proof sources which we already are convinced of :

1. Customer Online ReviewsWith masses reviewing and passing a sense of approval on a specific product or service go a long way in generating volumes of sales. 

2. User  TestimonialSuccessful case studies act as a strong vote of confidence in favour of your product or service. Or a well written and certified testimonial goes a long way in influencing new visitors. 

3.Social Media SharesQuality and Quantity of positive shares of your content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can be all the proof one needs to show interest in your product or service.

4.Subscriber CountsAgain, people feel comfortable joining the crowd. Popping social proof to work when asking for a subscription via some form of opt-in, including your email list is a superb technique to hike numbers of subscribers. 

5.Influencer EndorsementsInfluencer marketing has been considered the fastest-growing consumer-acquisition channel. Influencer marketing becomes an integral part of the branding and can create the conditions that drive social proof.

enlightenedAfter acknowledging the existing forms of Social Proofing, now it's the time to turn social proof psychology into a successful social proof marketing strategy for engaging every user visiting the website and multiply sales numbers. Below are some of the straightforward ways to get booming results. 

1. Real-Time Statistics: Showing the real-time stats of how many visitors are currently viewing the page, or how many customers are currently purchasing is not only a great form of social proof but it breaks the barrier of online purchase experience and well equips them with virtual audience confidence.

2. Customer BaseOne of the pervasive and effective social proof strategies is the use of client logos to prove credibility. It is a plain declaration of the acceptability of your product or service in the market domain.

3. Trust SealsAnother way to buy trust in the digital world is to include trust seals on the checkout page. It boosts the confidence and supports in completion of transactional activities.

4. CertificationsIf your business has certain industry certifications or accreditations of national or international standards, then the display of these qualifications will rule the visitor's heart.

5. Platform Integrations and support: If your product or service integrates with third-party services, then it is one of the best social proof you can add is the logos of your integration partners. This enhances the accessibility of the product or service.

6. Survey DataOnline Survey Data conducted from time to time can be really helpful in easing a customer’s concerns.

7. Best Seller PropositionSimply showing customers which products are your best sellers in different seasons, events or demand works to increase conversions on those particular products.

8. Customer RecommendationsA really powerful way to leverage your existing customers for social proof is by surveying them and then stating the figures of interested and repetitive buyers.

smileyAfter exploring the varied options in Social Proofing, Now is the time to create your own using all-in-one Clicknurture Analytics Platform. It provides unlimited Push Notifications, smart and customised Chat Bots, Social Proofs, Online Surveys, Heat Maps, Landing Page, Customer Journey Builder,  Segmentation, Live Visitor Tracking and many more. The amalgamation of different features of guarantees the lowering of sales costs, multiplication of sales figures and maximum conversion rate.

Richa Raj Team

21 July 2020

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