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Are you delivering what the audience expects?

Are your customers diverting towards something new?

How will you know about the change in customer’s behavior?

Marketing is all about solving the problem that a customer has and anticipate what he may need in the future.

How about gaining an honest review than just marketing the product?

There is no fun in launching million dollars in marketing a product your audience is least interested to know about.

And why would you want to lose your precious dollars on something like that?

With customers having so many choices, Hoe will you make a mark there?

What makes the audience connect with a brand?

The blog highlights the importance of surveys as to how you can leverage the power of surveys to gain important insights.

  1. What is a survey?
  2. What are different types of surveys?
  3. Why are surveys important for your business?
  4. When should I conduct a survey?
  5. Best practices to create a survey in 2021

What is a survey?

An online survey is a structured questionnaire that your audience completes over the internet generally by going through a form.  The purpose of an online survey is to collect data. If you stumble across a topic that you want to explore in detail and deliver the best to your audience as per the industry trends.

For example:

You can ask questions like:

  • Why did you purchase this product?
  • How satisfied are you with the product?
  • If you could change one thing about the product, what it would be?

These questions will help you gain better insight into your audience.

What are the different types of surveys?

Online surveys can be divided into 6 major categories:

1. Customer Satisfaction surveys
These surveys are conducted to measure customer satisfaction levels about a product/service, as to what improvements will make them happy, and understand customer expectations.

2. Market Research Surveys
This type of survey is conducted to know the market trends, analyze the viability of product/service, what improvements will make them happy, and understand the customer better.

3. Post-event Survey
 Post-event surveys are conducted to take the feedback of the event attendees.

4. Employee satisfaction survey
This type of survey helps to engage better with employees and get 360 feedback reviews to keep them satisfied.

Why are surveys important for your business?

Many businesses online fail to deliver what your audience actually expects from a brand. The main reason for this can be the inability to know the needs of the customers. As a result of this, the business fails to generate sales and the desired annual revenue.

Customers always seek a personal touch and reason to connect with a brand, if you won’t give it to them, how will you engage your customers in their skin?

The need of today’s business is to remain customer-oriented then product-oriented and customers are your greatest assets.

Surveys help in delivering value to the customers and grant them a reason to trust your brand.

Surveys help you in:

1. Spotting the trends

“What is it your customers are crazy about?

“Is there any fresh segment that you can target for your products?”

“How is customer behavior shifting?”

Spotting the trends is crucial for you to constantly modify the marketing strategy and align it with the shifting customer preferences.

Trends not only help you cover the customer’s current requirements but predict the future ones too.

The Survey helps you analyze how the audience thinks and feel in real-time.

2. Develops relationships

Customer surveys help in developing a relationship by providing them the opportunity to participate in nurturing the brand’s product or services. Launching frequent surveys to connect with your customers make them feel valued and their opinion matter. Therefore, it helps in improving the brand’s image and reputation online.

3. High response rates

Online surveys provide the highest mode of convenience for the respondents because they can answer questionnaires according to the pace, chosen time, and preferences.

4. Help you collect insightful data

The responses automatically get stored in a survey database. These Responses can be utilized to generate actionable insights and deliver value to the customers.

5. Identify and fix shortcomings

Well, no one relishes negative feedback.

How about eliminating the very scope of that and provide exactly what a customer wants?

Survey has emerged as a dynamic weapon in granting you a knee-deep insight into customer’s perspectives and behavior online. You can utilize this opportunity to revise the strategies and product to align with the customer’s expectations.

Personalization is the key to revising the Sales gear.

Are you leveraging the power of surveys? No? You are Missing out on reaching more customers!

When Should I conduct an Online Survey?

You can conduct an online survey when you are in dilemma between two products and want to leverage the best insights for surprising your customers.  

If you feel an immediate need to research your customers and provide them the best customer experience, you can conduct a survey.

You can ask your customers questions like:

  • What stopped you from purchasing from us?
  • What persuaded you to purchase the item in your cart today?
  • Would you prefer a pastry or a shake with a waffle?
  • When do you like to visit the hill station the most?
  • Do you have any new products to market on your list?

Conduct a survey today!

Best Practices to Create a Survey in 2021

Whatever is the goal of your survey, be it employee evaluation, customer feedback, or launching a new product, you need to follow the latest best practices to create a survey.

Here are some of the practices that you can walk by to create a well-engaging survey for your brand.

1. Define a clear goal for your business

What is it you want to improve about your brand?

How will you know about it – conducting a survey.

Are you encountering low traffic or sales?

What can be the reasons – are they internal or external?

Define a clear goal for your business while designing a survey. It will help you learn more about the service in detail.

2. Don’t get too wordy

You are just here to take the review of your customers, thus try to keep your surveys to-the-point, short, and clear with a goal in your mind.

No doubt your customers can answer it anytime they want, but long surveys generally don’t get engagement. Focus on creating impactful surveys Utilizing the best features at Click Nurture.

3. Keep personal questions to the end

Your primary goal is to launch a survey to gain the customer’s view and that’s why relativity matters. The customers should be able to relate to the survey launched. You can keep the early set of questions informative and insightful and trace it down to asking personal questions in the end. It will improve customer engagement and pique their interest.

4. Launch an Incentive

You may find it strange, but customers do like lucrative surveys. It is akin to -why should your customer care to fill the survey?

If you are aimed at leveraging useful insights, an incentive in any form can prove to be helpful.

For suppose you can launch an incentive” first 500 survey takers will get a free “digital marketing secret sauce book”

5. Don’t use Absolutes in the survey

Absolute words like “every”, “Always” and “all” can impact the overall result of the survey. Avoid using these in your survey. They make the survey taker take a casual approach to answer the questions.

For example:

Do you check the products added to the cart?

  • Yes
  • No

The answer to these questions can be sometimes, most of the time, often, etc. Thus, will not provide you a clear response.

Thus, refrain from using absolute and focus on your goal – getting a clear opinion.

So, this is why survey matters for your business and can help you leverage useful insights to deliver an amazing customer experience.

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