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The survey is one of the elementary guides in order to collect information about a product, service, idea, action or thought. It a collection of series of questions which are asked or sent to a pre-decided group of respondents for the sole purpose of gathering discreet and unbiased feedback on the questions.

The responses then obtained are further collected, evaluated, analysed and constructive references for that particular targeted group and accordingly responsive actions are decided.

In this technology era, the best way to conduct any survey is to fetch information by online platforms like social networks, email, QR codes or URLs. The best way to maximise the encounters is to keep a number of questions minimum by avoiding redundancy and the respective answers are provided in multiple choices format, for example - ratings from 1-10, satisfaction level measurement and so on.

The overall purpose while writing and finalising any questionnaire format is to make it approachable and unavoidable for the users at first glance. However, The survey response rate of each of these methods vary as multiple factors like time, interest, incentive, etc. play a role in the data collection process.

The next concern is the exhaustive study of collected data so that valuable insights are generated for the succeeding course of actions. There are multiple methods of survey data analysis, mostly deals with quantitative analysis and commonly used types are Cross-tabulation, Trend analysis, MaxDiff analysis, Conjoint analysis, TURF analysis, gap analysis, SWOT analysis, Text analysis.

The ultimate choice is dependent upon the sophistication level of the result needed and the method is customised and integrated with the survey platform. 

yesUsing online survey software to administer client response is a powerful tool that marketing teams prefer to gather data as it comes with some following obvious advantages. 

1. Cost: Online surveys and mobile surveys, in particular, have a very small cost per respondent with the number of potential responses can be in the thousands.

2. Extensive: Surveys are useful in describing the characteristics of a large population. No other research method can provide this broad capability, which ensures a more accurate sample to gather targeted results in which to draw conclusions and make important decisions.

3.Flexible: For remote or hard-to-reach respondents, using online surveys to collect responses and compile survey results into one data set is a win-win situation for both parties.

4. Dependable: The anonymity of surveys allows respondents to answer with more candid and valid answers. Surveys conducted anonymously provide an avenue for more honest and unambiguous responses than other types of research methodologies, especially if it is clearly stated that survey answers will remain completely confidential.

If executed properly, the surveys can be turn out to be one of strong, effective, reliable and profitable tool to gather information on customers' reactions and experiences in an unbiased manner. is an all-in-one platform which guides you to successfully engage the visitors, lead them to conversions and analyses the results for future marketing strategies. It provides unlimited Push Notifications, smart and customised Chat Bots, Social Proofs, Online Surveys, Heat Maps, Landing Page, Customer Journey Builder,  Segmentation, Live Visitor Tracking and many more. The amalgamation of different features of guarantees the lowering of sales costs, multiplication of sales figures and maximum conversion rate.

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