Top 5 benefits of Market Segmentation

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yesThe best way to understand the dilemmas and gaps in customers expectations and needs is to bifurcate them into groups that have similar (one or more) characteristics. Splitting up an audience in this way allows for more precisely targeted marketing and personalized content. 

Market segmentation can help you to define and better understand your target audiences and ideal customers. This helps you increase the probability of users engaging with your ad or content, resulting in more efficient campaigns and improved return on investment (ROI).enlightened

1. Boosts Campaign PerformanceBy identifying the key value that your business provides, your team will create more compelling marketing campaigns and sales pitches to the targeted group. It helps in Converting the leads that are a good fit for your organization and decreases your churn rate over time. It enables you to fine-tune your marketing message to align with exactly what the recipient is looking for, and therefore, increases the chances that they’ll convert.

2. Informed Product AwarenessThis builds brand awareness because customers remember the campaign approached to them based on their interests, previous spending habits, and more. When they receive something that’s made just for them, they’ll feel more comfortable purchasing from your company because they know you care. Also, the team can strategize and plan their campaign as per the generic needs of potential consumers as per the market research.

3. Broadens scope in the marketMarket segmentation helps to identify and recognize potential market opportunities. The market segments where the consumers are less satisfied with the other brands are the opportunity areas for the company to focus and to establish their brand. Thus, market segmentation gives excellent market opportunities.

4. Improves Business FocusWhen the focus and the target market is clearly identified to the marketers and the business team, then comes the competitiveness. As the target market is known to the business, the competition in the market will increase and the marketing team will come up with new innovative ideas to promote their brand better to stand out among the competitors.

5. Supports other departmentsMarket segmentation helps to save unnecessary time and effort engaged in the marketing campaign by identifying the potential areas of the market. Thus it helps to use the company resources and money in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

Richa Raj

02 July 2020

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