Top 5 Benefits of using Landing Pages

A landing page, simply, drives a visitor to land on a specific web page. Landing pages funnel web visitors from a link or ad campaign within a source such as Google ad, email marketing, social media post, Facebook advertising campaign, and so on.  Landing pages generate leads for businesses by redirecting potential users to carry out the desired Call-to-Action.

The simple, precise and understandable visual effect of the Landing Page at first glance only done wonders in building the long-lasting relationship with new users with the brands in the digital domain. How you engage first-time site visitors could either jumpstart a successful customer journey that turns a prospect through the sales funnel or completely turns away a viable sales lead. This is the utmost benefit of right Landing Page - to balance out the volumes-quality ratio in the digital landing page marketing realm.

Approximately 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion and this is your opportunity to create conversions and build your customer base. However, the lack of true essence of Landing Page among marketing departments is the barrier which stops them from using it despite its immense contribution in revenue generation.

To convince you of the benefits, below is the list of compelling reasons on why to use a Landing Page :

1.Generate Leads and boosts conversions

Landing Page is the best way to not only handle the humongous stream of leads generated from email marketing, social media and other platforms but also filter out the most interesting and valuable one at a much higher rate. It provides a very easy way to generate leads for your sales team that you can then easily segment, nurture, or distribute to your sales team for future follow-ups.

2.A tool to create targeted segments

With every time users fill-up the form on Landing Page, they are providing you with the personal insights which can be collected by marketing and sales team to better understand the needs, preferences, expectations and feedback, if any for further customising the future campaigns. The approach to providing solutions to the potential clients turn more focussed as the interaction of the leads is enhanced to your website through the Landing Page.

3.Builds trust and increases credibility

Landing pages can be customised in terms of content, display, images and specific information so that the path for the user is facilitated directly towards performing required Call-to-action. Features like Social Proof can be integrated to enhance the payoff of the Landing Page. Including testimonials, reviews, referrals, online reviews is going to improve your conversion rates dramatically and make the page look that more inviting. 

4.Powering up other marketing channels

Landing pages are a great addition to marketing strategists scope since it can be shared in social media, used as the focus of dedicated email marketing, building customer journey campaigns, be linked-to in PPC ads, and get established in organic search. In other words, this will benefit your business by enhancing the consistency of your products or services across multiple forms of media, and giving users more opportunities to recognize and engage with your brand.

5.Synchronised with Business Goals

One of the main benefits of landing pages is that they directly support your business goals such reaching a new niche market, promoting a new product, getting new customers, or closing more sales and have leverage over the market competition. Landing pages benefit your business in the uncertain times because they can be catered to the specific audience or goal you are targeting, and allow you to gauge numbers with the expected figures.

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Richa Raj Team

21 July 2020

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