Top 5 Benefits of using Landing Pages

 A landing page is – as the name suggests, it drives a visitor to land on a page.

Have you ever come across something that catches your attention immediately while scrolling the feed and you immediately click the link?

The place where you land is called a landing page.

How will you convince a customer into buying a product?

How a prospect will make the final move?

You have a responsive website, products, and services to assist the customers and launch campaigns to cater to maximum traffic online.

What’s missing?

What is your end goal?

To make your visitors visit the landing page.

What are the Major Benefits of a Landing Page? We will discuss it in the blog..

A Landing page acts as a mediator between a business and customers. It funnels down the visitors from a link within a source like an email, social media, Facebook advertising, or campaign.  

Converting a visitor through a landing page requires you to be extra conscious of the elements you have used in your landing page.


  • Compelling headline
  • Trust indicators (testimonials)
  • Video and images
  • Multiple interaction points
  • Thankyou page
  • Stellar offers
  • Form

If you don’t have an optimized landing page with the elements above, chances are you might lose upon achieving the 400% increased revenue goal!

Ok But before that, let’s have a quick insight into what is a landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page that is designed to receive and convert the visitor who has landed on the page from an online marketing campaign. The landing page is designed with the specific purpose of fulfilling the user’s need of landing on the page.

It is a stand-alone page disconnected from website navigation, created for the visitor to register, download or buy a product.

According to research, “using 40 or most post-click landing pages generate 120% more than those using less than 5 landing pages.”

Yes, that’s the power of a landing page.

Example: HubSpot is one of the top CRM platforms today. Its landing page reveals that using its software will help the business and the customers feel comfortable throughout the process.

For a customer, it will be challenging to understand the CRM process, thus HubSpot reaches the customer with a simple and straight-forward message.


Top 5 Benefits of Using Landing Pages

1. Landing Page increases Conversions

What influences a visitor to take any action on the landing page?

A well- responsive landing page with all elements and a crystal-clear message.

When a user lands on a landing page from an online ad or campaign, he looks for the information and offers you have.

 If your landing page misses out on integrating CALL TO ACTIONS or the form doesn’t work, then you may lose 50% of conversions!

No! you wouldn’t want that!

More visitors lead to more conversions and eventually more customers!

It’s high time to invest in having a well-optimized landing page to attract maximum prospects to your business.

2. Landing Pages Increases Credibility 

Whether you have just started your business online or are dominating the marketplace for years, credibility remains the buzzword.

Since the landing pages are designed to fulfill a specific purpose, optimize the content and the design as much as possible.

Your customers and prospects like being pampered. Make them feel that you care about them.

For example, Mr. Jones owns a software website online and seeking solutions to market it. One good day, he comes across an ad that reveals the exact issues he is facing and the solution to them. Furthermore, the landing page has supporting testimonials and case studies. What is he likely to do?

He is bound to visit the link and know more about how the company will help solve his problem!

This is the major aim of a landing page, provoke the customer to CLICK and get Information!

If the customer relates to the problem and the landing page has everything to tackle it, the customer is likely to convert.

3. Help you create segments and target separately

How will you know what should be the next strategy to target your customers when you haven’t funneled them?

Every customer passes through stages before becoming a permanent customer.

How will you know whether he is at the awareness stage or the potential prospect?

A Landing page helps you segment the visitor based on their activity online. Thus, it will help you provide personalized solutions to your audience. After all, the main purpose is focused interaction of leads.

4. Landing page improve Paid campaigns efforts

The success of a paid campaign depends on the Click-Through Rates (CTR). The click-through rates are influenced by the landing pages.


But that’s a fact!

For example: You may use a Search Engine Marketing campaign to bid on keywords for your business to show up when someone searches “bathroom remodeling” into a search engine.

The link from that ad could be your website’s homepage or a subpage on your site, but that will only get people to your website.

By using a landing page, you can generate more leads than by directing people to your website homepage as a landing page is designed with that purpose only, the purpose of informing and Converting. It will bring only interested persons. It facilitates the ultimate goal of the user, by provoking them to fill-up the form.

Thus, in this way, a landing page improves your paid campaign’s performance and improve business’s sales.

5. Landing Pages Power-up Other Marketing Channels

The last but not the least benefit of a landing page is integration with multiple channels.  The landing page can be shared on social media, it can be further integrated with the customer journey, email marketing, and help you increase your email list. An email list is an asset for your lead generation process.

In other words, landing pages help improve the performance of your online business across other platforms and grant your users more opportunity to engage with your brand.


Thus, landing pages are designed to facilitate a specific action that you want your users to take as an extension to your business objectives. Furthermore, they help improve and build a customer-brand relationship, encourage a customer to engage and know more about the brand, and improves your online campaign efforts.

A landing page is an asset for your business online, thus you should choose reliable support for your business online, else you might encounter issues like:

  • Non-mobile optimized landing page
  • Ill-performing forms and Call to Actions
  • Non-tested landing pages
  • Unclear offer and the purpose
  • Slow loading landing pages
  • No visuals (image or videos)

If your landing page has the above issues, then you may lose 60% of your prospects!

Your business needs a dynamic start with landing pages.

“The process seems complicated; how do I get started hassle-free?”

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