Top 5 ways to adopt Social Proof as great marketing tool

Convince a visitor into becoming a customer instantly; boost conversions by 250%!!

Have you encountered something like “let me think about it” that turned out to be a canceled order?

Many times, businesses online encounter such a phenomenon.

What makes a customer cancel the order?

A lack of confirmation!

He finds no sign of reassurance and leaves. And there you lose a potential customer!

Marketing is all about psychology and how well you spin your idea around that.

“What happens when you are recommended a movie and hear a lot of buzz around that?”

You are likely to go and watch the movie!

Human beings are social creatures. We wanted to be accepted and admired. We don’t want to look foolish and made mistake.
Therefore, the natural tendency of the human is to follow what others are doing. How about leveraging this tendency to boost revenue?

Thus, how about nurturing 400% more sales without spending excessively on marketing efforts?

How about convincing a visitor instantly into becoming a potential customer?

Yes, you can!


The blog is about 5 ways you can utilize Social Proof as a great marketing tool!

What is a Social Proof?

Social proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those are reflective of the corrective behavior.

It goes like this “If others are doing it, that’s the validation that I too should be doing it!”

For example:

McDonald’s fast-food restaurant displays sign boarding boasting “billions and Billions are served”

What are you going to do?

Grab a seat, right?

This is what social proof works!

Social proof is most powerful in the situation where someone is unsure and one who is looking for how to behave best out there.

You will be astonished to know that – “95% of the people are imitators, while 5% are initiators.”

People get persuaded more by the actions of others than their own.

The question is : how you can utilize this power to flood-up sales?


Here is how!

Top 5 ways to adopt Social Proof as a great marketing tool

1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

“Before ordering a dish on Zomato, what is the first thing you do?”

Yes, check for the reviews and ratings of the restaurant you are ordering from.

The same goes for your audience!

Before initializing any type of contact with the brand, the customer looks for approval and reassurance that he is doing the right thing.

What is your job?

Your job is to push the customer into becoming a potential client. Customer reviews and testimonials are the word of mouth and thus are makes your brand more reliable in the eyes of website visitors. It improves the chances of conversions.


For example, The above review highlights the customer’s satisfaction with Dominos Pizza. The detailed description narrates the company’s goodwill in the market and no wonder how many conversions this single review will flourish!

2. Celebrity and Influencer endorsements

“89% of the marketers believe that influencer marketing is better than other marketing channels.” It solely depends on the type of products you are selling.

The key thing to note here is- it doesn’t matter how famous is the celebrity as long as he is loved by your targeted audience.

For example, Sony Xperia Z5 created their first zoom on Instagram (#InstazoomZ5) to help Instagramers appreciate the power of the phone’s camera. They took a photo and cut it into 100s of shots. They created more than 100 Instagram accounts tied together by tags that let you zoom into any part of the original photo and find 50 hidden surprises. The most astonishing part is that the company used 30 influencers to help spread the photos as a part of the competition.

Guess what, it nurtured a whopping 17 million potential contacts! That’s a huge figure!