Want to charge more for the same product as your competitors? Here is how you can!

Did you ever wish to buy a mountain bike?

What will you do generally?

You will walk into a local bike shop, talk to the guy, explore the options, you will be eager to learn more about mountain bikes especially when you don’t know a thing about them.

What will the guy at the shop do?

He will acquaint you with the bike that will be fit for you and will ask you to research it.

When you gain complete knowledge on the bike and simplify the features you want for your bike.

What will the showroom guy do?

Yes, he will suggest you the exact bike! The bike that’s a good fit for you.

How is he able to do that?

It is because he is the expert in the field and ruining the shop for a decade now.

Will you trust his opinion? Of course.

You will be like” I would like to buy it then for $1300!” To ensure that you are making the right decision, you will explore the reviews on it.  And wonder if you find the same bike costing $900 just some kilometers away from the previous shop, what will you do?

$400 is a pretty big difference-

You will go to the previous shop owner to cancel the order revealing the whole story. What he will do?

He will say” Ok, I can reduce the price to $1100”

Well, the guy agrees to buy the bike at $1100.

The question is why the guy agreed to pay $200 extra? He could have fetched the bike at $900 instead of $1100 for the exact same bike?

The reason is RECIPROCITY.

The guy educated you on what to look for in a bike.

He provided you a complete overview of the bike.

What does this lead to? This made you feel convinced and compelled you to trust that shop owner and return the favor. This is one of those laws of persuasion.

When someone goes out of the way to help you, educate you, you feel the compulsion to return the favor.  And this is how marketing works.

Marketing that educates more than sells, gains this return of the favour. It is because when the audience has learned something, they feel obliged to return the favour.

So, are you triggering reciprocity?

In the same way, what do you need for gathering more clients for your business?

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