What is Chatbot and its benefits

The way we communicate has changed drastically. The people online searching for your products demands instant gratification to their curiosity.

This inability to fulfill the instant curiosity can make you lose customers.

Are you aware of the potential problems your visitors face while navigating your website?

According to research, user experience the below mentioned frustrations when they interact with a brand online:

  • Hard to navigate website
  • Not being able to get answers to simple questions
  • Difficulty in getting basic details about a business-like address- hours of operating, and phone number

Do you have a specific system that solves these problems?

If the answer is No, then follow along!

Providing a great user experience is the first step to generating leads online, and if you fall in the very first step, you might miss out on generating highly valuable leads!

In the world we live today, customers desire to have the information on the table instantly.

When they didn’t get it, they get frustrated and switch to your competitors that provide the experience they are looking for.

 It is indeed freaky if you still don’t have the chatbot installed on your website!

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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an online software that interacts with customers in real-time and solves their curiosities with relevant pre-calibrated answers over the internet.

They are automated programs that interact with customers as a human would. It stimulates conversations with a user in natural language through messaging applications or mobile applications. It befits the category of conversational interfaces and language-based interfaces, which can be either text, voice, or a mix of both.

For example: Suppose you are searching for shoes at odd hours and want some information regarding the right size to purchase. If the website has a chatbot installed, you can instantly get a size chart for you to choose the right size of shoes. Here you do not have to wait endlessly for customer care to answer your call, just get the solution instantly.

This is the power of chatbot!

How does AI Chatbot work?

The AI chatbots use Artificial technology to understand the sentence structure, process information, and get better at answering questions progressively. Instead of relying on the human way of interpreting the questions, AI chatbots work on the customer’s intent.

 They deliver answers to the visitor’s query if they think it is the right base for answering the question. Over time, by analyzing the right and incorrect answers, the machine gets better at solving user’s queries.

So, this is how a chatbot work.

Most businesses are often confused about which chatbot to integrate on the site- AI-based or Live chatbot, check your Click Nurture’s chatbot if it is the best fit for you?

What are its benefits?

Why does your business need to invest in Chatbots NOW? 

What Are the Benefits of Using Chatbot for My Business?

1. 24/7 Availability

When the customer has an issue while navigating the site, they look forward to an instant answer to their queries. Humans have an attention span of only 7 seconds.

If your visitors won’t find any answers, they are likely to switch to your competitors almost immediately.

And no business would like to gift their potential customers like that. Would you?

Of course not!

Therefore, installing a chatbot on your website improves lead generation capacity and prevents you from losing potential customers.

2. Impactful business insights

How about leveraging useful insights and launch targeted marketing campaigns?

Businesses can get valuable insights into user experience and notify early regarding the issues that the customers are facing.

Businesses can analyze data from these conversations, by utilizing an advanced analytics dashboard at Click Nurture. Which will help him decipher insights by theming and interpreting using verbatim AI-free text analytics. It gives you an idea about what your audience truly wants.

According to a survey by Intercom “the companies were able to scale their sales by 67% with the help of a chatbot.” The main reasons for this are:

  • Ability to react faster to customer’s query
  • Increased satisfaction by 24%

3. Wide range of possible applications

Chatbots offer a wide range of applications and aren’t limited to a single industry. The most common uses of Chatbot are:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT service helpdesk
  • HR

Furthermore, a chatbot can help you support internal communication.

For example, Your chatbot can help you send push notifications like internal news and support office tasks.

4.Personalizes human interaction

Customers always love a tinge of personal touch. Similarly, the chatbots can leverage important insights to personalizes the interaction with the visitors.

Customer information can be fed into the chatbot in real-time when they are speaking with the customer on the phone. The chatbots in this case can provide relevant answers based on the needs as well as previous interactions with the company.

For example, Chatbots are no more restricted to enterprises but have significant use of cases for customers. Dominos uses a messenger chatbot to connect with the customers. They offer the customers the benefit of ordering pizza from anywhere: Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Twitter, smartwatch, etc.

The idea behind this is to provide what the customers want and at the time they want it.

5. Increased Sales

Chatbot offers immediate support to your customers. When their issues are resolved, then they may take the desired action also. This means lead generation and an addition to your sales.

Are you waiting to launch fresh products?

You can market your latest offerings by sending out updates to your chatbot. It can improve the chances of generating sales. It is more of a personalized form of marketing as the update is sent directly to the customer.

In this way, Chatbot helps many businesses, saving them money and increasing conversion rates. With the technological advancement in AI, NLP, and machine learning, chatbots are soon to become the future of customer interaction.

Still, confused whether Chatbot is right for your business or not?

Contact Click Nurture experts and evaluate how chatbots can help amplify user experience and nurture sales!