Why to opt for Push Notifications??

Do you know you can flood in traffic and engagement instantly with just a single click? Read it NOW!

Marketing the products through different mediums like social media, ads, and organically is a natural discourse that brands follow.

Now you must be thinking: “Yes, everyone does that, what’s new in this?”

Do you have a new service or product that you are about to launch in the market?

What are your strategies to market it?

Are you going to launch ads?

Are you going to launch active campaigns on social media?

Great! But are you sure, you going to get the results you desire instantly with these?

Many ads go unnoticed, and so the social media posts amidst big sharks in the market. And so, your product!

In such a case, how will your brand make a difference?  Will it get dissolve among your competitors and big brands? How will you save a sinking ship?

How will you reach the maximum audience quickly?

Do you know the pop-up that appears on your mobiles and desktop that you swipe off instantly in urgency can turn the tables for you in terms of business?


The blog will guide you on how you can utilize the power of Push notifications in the business and why it is the best tool to invest in Today!

The blog will cover:

  1. What are push notifications?
  2. Types of push notifications
  3. How do push notifications work?
  4. Should you use push notifications?
  5. Benefits of using push notifications
  6. Are push notifications effective?
  7. Final Thoughts

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are pop up that appears immediately after landing at a website or an app. You receive information irrespective of the device you are using, my phone or Android. As a matter of accessibility, the app doesn’t have to remain open at the time of notification for the message to be visible. It allows you to reach a wide range of people by “pushing” your message to an entire group at the same time.

For example:

For example, Amazon adopts an interesting way to capture the recipient’s eye by adding spice to the otherwise monotonous notification. By writing a customized copy for popular items like Star Wars, it elicited a good response from the franchise.  The strategy is effective and dynamic because the message sent is personalized and essentially tailored to the user receiving it. This is an incredible way to utilize user preference to send push notifications.

Types of Push Notifications

Web push notifications: These notifications are sent from the website. You get them on your desktop even when the website is not open. It is ideal for companies that do not have an app yet.

Mobile push notifications: These notifications are sent from mobile apps. The user needs to install the app for the marketer to get permission to send push notifications.

Desktop Push Notifications: These notifications appear only on desktops. These are driven by the products you have installed on your desktop, with the aim of engagement. They are generally difficult to build in comparison to web push notifications.

You can contact and engage with your customers by sending push-notifications like:

  • Abandoned cart push notifications
  • For your information push notifications (FYI)
  • Reminder notifications
  • Promotional notifications
  • Transactional push notification
  • Rating or customer feedback notification
  • Interest-based geolocation notifications
  • Time-bound notifications
  • Mobile-friendly notifications

How do Push Notifications work?

This is the most important question when it comes to understanding the purpose and benefit of push notifications. We need to know the different stages of push notifications as to how it works on a website. Here are 3 stages of sending push notifications:

1. Seeking permission to send push notifications


The first step in implementing a push notification is to seek permission from the user to send him to push notifications. The push subscription integrated with Push API grants the ability to the applications to receive messages pushed to them from a server. The detail is saved and is used to send push notifications to the user.

2. Sending a push notification

The push notification is sent to the users Via the Click Nurture dashboard or through API call to the respective browser cloud manager. The push notification is sent from your server to the web notification service and the message is sent to the appropriate browser.

3. The user receives the Push notification

Once the notification is sent to the respective browser. The browser receives the message, decrypt the data, and sends a push notification to your service worker.

This is how push notifications work!

Why opt for Push Notifications?

Most of the businesses around are confused about whether your business needs push notifications or not!

 “Should you use Push Notifications?”

Here is why and when you can use them for your business online:

  • To deliver relevant and personalized content to your users in the time they are most active
  • To deliver the latest news to your subscribers (abandoned cart, latest blog, sale event, Flight notification, score updates, etc.)
  • To remind your customers about something
  • Alert them about a delivery, reservations, and upcoming travel plan
  • To increase re-engagement with users

Now, we will explore the benefits of using Push notifications for your business

Benefits of Using Push Notifications

Push notifications are the fastest way to re-engage with your audience. But if not doesn’t with good strategy, the push notifications can annoy the users and unsubscribe the app or turn off the notifications almost instantly.

1. Increase retention rate

User engagement is the key indicator of how your application is performing in the market.

Is your retention rate low?

The biggest question is: How to bring the user back?

There is no value if someone downloads an app and never returns back. And what’s the point in having one if your users are constantly shifting to your competitors? 

Push notifications are one of the ways of bringing the users back. It can help improve the retention rate by 4-10% if implemented correctly.

It’s a great way to nudge them and remind them that you have something to offer.

2. Target the right Users

Do you know you can personalize the messages by targeting the right users according to their geographical location?

For example, McDonald leverages the user’s city to launch timely push notifications related to local events. In this example, MacDonald sent Toronto residents when their team played well.

These types of location-based push notifications can be used to target and delight users. Push notifications help you target the right audience at the right time.

3. Enhance brand consistency

Are you searching for the best mode of marketing your last-minute deals and offers?

Push notifications allow you to add value to your offers and add a touchpoint in your marketing funnel. Furthermore, mobile push notifications make the interaction more interesting by allowing the brands to use logos in the messages.

Thus, it helps in enhancing brand consistency and improves user engagement.

4.Increase conversion rate

How about creating a sense of urgency by engaging with the users at the time they are most active?

Now you can!

Timely marketing messages allow you to notify customers and create a sense of urgency.

“Do you have an offer to tell?”

“Has the user left the cart without purchasing the product?”

You can shoot a push notification to alert the customers and for them to take the desired action.

Want to encourage instant purchase?

Get on with the Push notifications NOW!

5. Send personalized offers and Trigger messages

According to research, nearly 72% of the customers like to receive personalized messages. Personalized messages improve customer loyalty and subscribers list.

A subscriber grants you access to important information like name and email address. You can utilize this information to interact with the individual subscribers.


Reminding users in the most personalized manner can increase sales and customer retention by 200%.

Are Push Notifications Effective?

If you are a first-time user of push notifications, you must be thinking about whether you should invest in push notifications or not?

Will it be worth it?

According to research, “Push notifications help in boosting engagement by 88%.”

By providing users an in-device nudge, you can increase the app retention rate by 3-10%! It is effective in:

  • Generating quality traffic
  • Interacting with customers in a better way
  • Drawing client’s attention
  • Increased CTR as high as 40%

Focus on providing value by:

  • Sending an exclusive proposal
  • Adding a visual
  • Personalizing the message

If done right, push notifications can help you boost engagement and Sales!

Final Thoughts

Push notifications are a winning strategy for business online. Sending a well-improvised, targeted and timely message can fuel up your revenue and help you reach a wider audience base.

Confused about the push notification strategy? Contact the experts at Click Nurture and launch a dynamic strategy to turn visitors into conversions!