25+ Types of Push Notification Campaigns

No doubt, Push Notifications can be used to boost users engagement on different platforms but too much and redundant opt-ins often prove to disinterest potential customers from continuing the service. It is, therefore, important to segment the customers as per interests, preferences, needs and timelines so that each triggered push message is customised accordingly.

enlightenedWhen someone opts in to receive web push notifications they’re essentially trusting your involvement that the sent content will be useful, beneficial and helpful. It is like a non-verbal trust agreement which needs to be obliged in order to continue the long-lasting relation. And as a matter of fact, this obligation has been taken too seriously that you’re probably not sending enough push notifications to really engage your users and impact actual retention rates. 

Studies revealed that customer acquisition rate can be impacted by 88% through inbound marketing strategies. And not sending enough and targeted Push Notifications costs us lots of potential users on a daily basis.Lets dig into what kinds of push notifications make the most sense for your customers and your brand and take a step forward towards scaling up your push notifications in a rightful manner.

Customer Journey Push Notifications: 
From onboarding to putting down a wish list to ongoing retention, a plan for push notifications needs to be created that will get your visitors engaged and coming back.

  • Welcome new opted-in users
  • Re-engage inactive users with interest-based notifications 
  • Periodically request information updates to make sure they’ve got accurate data
  • Mention thank you and provide another offer coupon code to keep buying spree active

Rating, Survey/Referral Requests Push Notifications:
Reviews, Online surveys, ratings, referral offers is another way to awaken the inactive clients and expand the users' numbers.

  • Ask for a rating or a survey completion related to an activity or purchase 
  • Ask for a rating for the recent purchase
  • For  a positive rating, accelerate involvement by sending a notification to refer to the social circle

Purchase & Product Push Notifications
The Push Notifications related to different stages in the customer buying journey is also important.

  • Order status updates
  • Providing a digital receipt
  • Reorder reminders for subscription-based products or purchases
  • Abandoned cart / incomplete action or transaction 
  • Apologies for any delay 
  • Price or stock change notification
  • Order confirmation & tracking information

Contests & Freebies 
Contests and giveaways offer a great way to engage (or re-engage) your users — and send push notifications they’ll cherish.

  • Kickoff notification
  • Entry confirmation
  • Share contest with a friend
  • Entry reminders
  • Winner announcement
  • Follow up offer for contest entrants 

Location-Based Notifications
For some brands, location-based push notifications can work wonders.  Consider these ideas:

  • When a customer is within a certain distance of your physical location, send a notification
  • If you have last-minute deals or tickets, alert users 
  • If a customer is coming in to pick up an item in your store, send a push
  • When a customer is in a certain place within your location, send context-specific notifications to educate, entertain or drive sales
  • A service or product you ordered has arrived — or is close to arriving
  • Provide wayfinding at a venue

Once a Day/Week/Month Push Notifications
Having a regular, high-value touchpoint is a great way to increase push notification frequency without overdoing it.

  • Weekly or Monthly “Pick” to highlight product or service 
  • Newsletter on emails message
  • Web tutorials notification

yesThe above mentioned are few of the categorisations of different types of segmented Push Notifications which can be used to scale up your user engagement without over or under-doing it. It can be further changed as per the industry/product/service you are involved in.

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Richa Raj

Clicknurture.com Team

08 July 2020


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