Get online and grow with Clicknurture in 2020

Are you out of professional opportunities to explore in this uncertain time? 

Does it seem challenging to invent a steady cash stream after the pandemic?

Are you filled with new workable ideas but lacks a decent approach to kickstart it?

Then, I guess Clicknurture is the right place to satisfy your search to bring your stimulating idea on tracks and equips you to greater, grow and healthily leverage the market with profitable revenue numbers.smiley

Having a web presence is easy. Building a business with cut-throat competition…that’s a whole different story.

There are countless entrepreneurs emerging, surviving and departing within the same industry. Everyone tries the best practices, runs marketing campaigns and deploy huge budgets but the hard reality is that the only SMART and RIGHTFUL approach in different dynamics makes the one long-lasting. 

Let's dive into the various Clicknurture features which empower you to build your own customised and powerful platform for lead generation, lead engagements, lead tracking and lead enrichment. With no doubt, Clicknurture is an All-in-One Analytics Platform which guides you to successfully engage the visitors, lead them to conversions and analyses the results for future marketing strategies.

1. PUSH NOTIFICATIONPush Notification is the most opted customer engagement technique and has been widely used across different sectors. Reaching your customer with unlimited personalised, real-time and rich snippets is the real power to target audience. They are very effective in driving traffic by providing relevant and opted information to the customers. In order to maximise its opt-ins, clear the benefits of the same in advance and never make it too often.

2. CHATBOTSChatBot or Live Chat helps you to enhance Click Through Rate, maximising Customer Conversion and lowering Customer Acquisition Costs. It is the perfect tool to balance out the volume-quality ratio during the lead generation process. Sales Team is highly revealed from the process of handling an infinite stream of users information and filtering out the best results from the same.

3. SOCIAL PROOFS: One can make a visible difference to lead generations and it's nurturing by amplifying your user engagement with ClickNurture Social Proof feature. A casual visitor is converted into long term serving clients via timely triggered Social Proofs and opens up the user interest in exploring the products and services and finally avail it.

4. ONLINE SURVEYSOnline surveys help you to get closer to your target audience and formulate marketing strategies accordingly. Online survey provides the highest level of convenience for the customers to respond via feedback forms, recommendations, testimonials, reviews and so on as per the availability of time, interest and own pace. It also offers the usefulness of automatic evaluation and displaying of information in figures and charts.

5. LANDING PAGEA well-designed and targeted landing page can greatly support your business goals and increase conversions for your lead marketing. We help you to build your own one without digging deep into coding and techniques. An optimized landing page that is search-friendly, uses targeted keywords and follows search engine optimization best practices drive more organic traffic to your site. This not only multiplies visitors on your website but also divides the cost per acquisition by great factor.

6. HEATMAPSOne of the most useful, powerful and real-time data analysis tools to understand the relevance of content on a website within a few seconds .he best part of Heat Maps is that it pulls direct attention to important matters of website. Through different clicking patterns, it redirects the most engaging content and visitors tracks mouse movements and highlights major contributing territories.

7.CUSTOMER JOURNEY BUILDER: It is the best tool to build your own sales development process and create alignment in the sales and marketing team in terms of achieving common goals with equal efficiency. It recognises the turning points in customers' journey and turns it into actionable plans in order to use it for long term relationship building. Also, Sets and maintains the automated journey logic for customer engagement, decisions, random journey splits, and content.

8.SEGMENTATIONIt is the first way to look into the target audience. Through this tool, we understand your target audience better by creating segments based on behavioural aspects, needs, location and interests. It improves the performance of your marketing campaigns by guiding you to target the right visitors with the right messaging at the right time.

9. LIVE CUSTOMER TRACKING: It allows you to access to track your web visitors on a real-time basis. It helps to recognise the turning points in customers' journey and take actionable plans in order to use it for long term relationship building. It mobilises every information about customer behaviour, buying history and/or incomplete transactions. It can also be further integrated with other resources and help to serve the ultimate motive of higher conversions of leads in an optimum way.

The amalgamation of different features of guarantees the lowering of sales costs, multiplication of sales figures and maximum conversion rate.yes

Richa Raj Team

28 July 2020

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