Landing Page : Best Practices to follow in 2020

Landing Page is the right tool to convert visitors into leads and is probably a first step in building a long term relationship between potential customers and the company. When it comes to digital marketing, there have been many successful examples of well defined, articulated and directed landing pages like Oracle, Google Hiring, Uber and so on. The prime function of investment in terms of time, technical and personnel resources in creating a customised landing page is prerequisite to leverage the competitive edge in the market. 

The goal of any landing page is to meet specific expectations based on past experience, current resources and future predictions of the website. Landing Page marketing requires proper customer segmentation, customer journey map and powerful analysis. 

yesLet's dig deeper into different elements of best landing pages integrated with websites and result in maximum conversions :

Simple and Direct Call-to-Action

This is possibly the single most important part of any landing page. Your call to action should be specifically directed to your end objective and should be complemented by everything else on it, from headline and body copy to images and overall layout. Landing pages need to be greatly simplified compared to many other website designs. This is because landing pages have very specific goals and shouldn’t include any extraneous information that might distract your visitors and prevent them from converting.

Remove Distractions

The first major difference between your normal website and your landing pages is that your landing pages are dedicated towards particular goal achievement. Instead, the only clickable events should be your call to action, and possibly a link to more information for those who are unsure. Linking your logo to your regular home page can also be a good idea.

Location of Call-to-action

It is very important that the end result is achieved without spending much time on the Landing Page. The high success rate of Landing Page is correlated with the correct position of navigation elements that need to be followed. The ideal state is to put it on top so that the action is completed without scrolling down and giving bounce rate.

Content - Image Ratio

The definition of Landing Page highlights or puts more weightage on rightful content and less on the image. Volumes of visuals create frustrations and make users lose track from call-to-action. Maximum of two images per landing page is recommended for optimal results. The use of headlines, keywords, body content, colour scheme and font size needs to be followed as per best SEO practices.

Social Sharing Icons

With least distractions, social sharing promotes sharing of landing pages by users instantly. It further multiplies the reach of the brand with trusted customers and creates brand awareness. Care should be taken that each social network page is opened on a new tab and client is maintained on the landing page.

Easy to follow and understand

A form on a landing page typically implies that the user is required to fill it. Make sure the flow of information is self-explained and the information is gathered with the least supporting tools.

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Richa Raj Team

20 July 2020

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