Understanding the role of Landing Page

In Digital World, a Landing Page is created solely for marketing purposes and other advertising campaigns. The user is redirected to it via Push Notification, Email, Advertising video, Social Media Platform and so on. The content, display of images, the natural flow of the website and product/service information needed by the user at a first glance plays a very important role in converting every visitor into potential clients. Unlike web pages, which typically have many goals and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action/CTA.

Clicknurture.com provides you with the dynamic tool to create your own Landing Page enlightenedwithout getting into in depth coding language knowledge. The platform is easy,  interactive and offers varied choices in order to make your page a worthy destination.The optimisation of conversion rate is the primary focus of our Landing page feature.

yesStep by Step guide to turning a Landing Page into effective marketing guide:

1. Define your goal

It is very important to define a specific call to action for visitors being redirected to your Landing Page. The main purpose of developing it is to maximise the desired action like filling the lead form, apply subscription, purchase made, appointment booked, query raised, download of ebooks and many more. This is the first step to master the Landing Page integration.

2.Define your competitors

Next step involves thorough research and study over current competitors in the market. It involves flawless evaluation, analysis and monitoring of their marketing strategies. If your competitors are doing something that works, you should go ahead and try to extract the best of it.

3.Define the target audience

It is prerequisite to know the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the targeted audience. Clicknurture.com provides you with an online survey builder in order to get to know the users better by digging into their feedbacks, recommendations, suggestions and complaints if any. Then plan the marketing tactics accordingly to engage them in a successful marketing campaign. The better you understand your audience, the more you can cater to their wants and needs. Unless you know who your ideal customers are, it will be very difficult to write persuasive copy in the voice of the customer. So get in your audience’s head.

4. Define the way to attract your audience to Landing Page

Tailor-made Landing Pages are considered by businesses to target different groups as per different campaigns. However, the right Landing Page plays a very important role in the final conversion of the user into a potential client. 

Landing Page should offer high-quality content that inspires confidence, funnel visitors down a desired pathway, with few barriers while following the buying journey, combined with eye-catching headlines, updated with the latest technical guidelines and clear call to action. 

Clicknurture is an all-in-one platform which guides you to successfully engage the visitors, lead them to conversions and analyses the results for future marketing strategies. It provides unlimited Push Notifications, smart and customised Chat Bots, Social Proofs, Online Surveys, Heat Maps, Landing Page, Customer Journey Builder,  Segmentation, Live Visitor Tracking and many more. The amalgamation of different features of Clicknurture.com guarantees the lowering of sales costs, multiplication of sales figures and maximum conversion rate.

”Click Nurture unfolds the innovaties possibilities for clients to rebuild , regenerate and recreate the growth dimensions for businesses across countries”.
By CEO & Co-Founder, ClickNurture.com

Richa Raj

Clicknurture.com Team

30 June 2020

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